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Deuterium Halogen Light Source for UV,Vis,NIR - ATG1020
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 ATG1020H Deuterium Halogen Light Source covers UV,Vis & NIR ranging from 180-2500 nm. Combine deuterium lamp and a halogen lamp, and deuterium lamp used from Japan Hamamatsu brand with a feature of a stable output of spectrum 180-400nm, peak stability is less than 0.0005%, spectral shift is only ±0.5%/h. Halogen lamp used from Osram with a long lifespan as long as 5000hrs, and self-developed constant current drives high reliability. ATG1020H light source is an ideal choice to measure a sample of multiple features with various spectral ranges, or it is used to analyze many samples in the lab. ATG1020 Series contain easy-to-replace bulbs, fast-to-change lamp. A light source with a filters holder filtering up to 25 mm in square or 25 mm round in diameter and 4 mm in thickness, plus a shutter controlled via TTL signal or switch up to 5 Hz. ATG1020 light source can be equipped with cuvette and filters holder to measure absorption and transmission.


Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
Optical parameter
Wavelength range 180-2500nm
Physical parameters
Dimensions 80 mm x 175 mm x 140 mm
Weight 3kg
system parameter
Operating temperature -10 ℃ - 40 ℃
Humidity Range 5-95%
Drift of optical output +/-0.5% per hour at 250 nm 40 minutes
Light Source life Deuterium life: 3000 hours Halogen life: 5000 hours
Optosky Physical Parameters
Stability P-P stability: <0.005% at 250 nm
Electrical parameter
Power port SMA905 fiber or free space
Power supply Power of Deuterium: 30W Power of Halogen: 5W
Power voltage 85-264 V, 50/60 Hz;60 W
Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
  • Full range of output:180-2500 nm
  • Including UV, Vis, and NIR
  • Excellent performance, P-P stability <0.005%
  • Fiber output or free space
  • Long lifespan:
  • Deuterium: 3000 hours
  • Halogen: 5000 hours
  • Fibers: Promote anti-UV fiber from Optosky
Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
  • Air & Water Quality Analysis
  • UV gas analysis 
  • Biotechnology 
  • Food & Drinks Quality Control 
  • Metallurgical Analysis 
Categories: Accessories, Light Sources

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