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1000-5000nm Mid-IR Light Source
Description:Mid-IR Light Source is used exclusively for Mid-IR spectrum measurement spectral range b..
1064nm & 785nm Portable Dual-band Raman Instrument
ATR3300® 1064&785nm Portable Dual-band Raman Spectrometer uses a complete technique of non-conta..
1064nm Portable Raman Instrument for Hazmat, Drugs,Chemicals...
Descriptions:ATR3000-1064 is a type of Portable Raman Analyzer with an excitation wavelength of 1064..
180-2500nm Pulse Xenon Light Source
Description:The xenon lamp is a wide spectrum of the light source, wavelengths irradiance cover UV, ..
180-2600nm Deuterium Halogen Light Source for UV,Vis,NIR
escription: ATG1020 Deuterium Halogen Light Source covers UV,Vis & NIR ranging from 180-250..
180-400nm UV Deuterium Light Source
Description: Optosky ATG1001 UV deuterium light source uses Japan Hamamatsu deuterium lamp that..
185-1100nm High scanning rate UV-Vis Spectrometer
Optosky ATP2000H UV-Vis spectrometer is a low-noise, high-performance, high flame speed(Available in..
185-1100nm High-resolution UV-Vis Spectrometer
Optosky ATP3000 is a low-noise, high-resolution, uncooled spectrometer. It employs 2048pixels CCD se..
185-1100nm High-sensitivity & High-resolution UV-Vis Spectrometer
Optosky ATP5020 UV-Vis Spectrometer employs the ultra-high performance, high-sensitivity, high resol..
190-1200nm Fiber Optic Bundles
190-1200nm Fiber Optic Bundles available in customized core diameters and lengths.....
200-1000nm High-sensitivity & High-resolution UV-Vis Spectrometer
Optosky ATP5030 UV-Vis Spectrometer employs the ultra-high performance, high-sensitivity, high resol..
200-1000nm Miniature UV-Vis Spectrometer
ATP1000 is ultra-miniature size, and it uses a 1500pixels linear CCD with a wavelength of 200-1100nm..
200-1000nm Multi-Parameters Water Quality Analyzer-Spectra Measurement Solution
What is  Water Quality Solution?Modern water quality monitoring techniques based on absorbance ..
200-1000nm Popular UV-Vis Spectrometer
Optosky ATP2000P has a low-noise, high-performance, and cost-effective. The sensor used 2048 pixel C..
200-1000nm, 4096pixels, High-sensitivity & High-resolution, UV-Vis Spectrometer
Optosky ATP5040 uses 4096pixels, other parameters almost the same as ATP5020, it employs the ultra-h..
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