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Research NIR Spectrometer
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Product Code: ATP8200-5-26
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ATP8200-5-26 is self-developed by Optosky to replace NIR Quest features competing performance cost less,  900-2600nm NIR, Near Infrared spectrometer with 512 pixels, InGaAs cooled down to -30ºC, resulting in low noise, 2 times higher SNR, better reliability, measuring results do not change with ambient temperatures.

Allow for custom or preconfigured wavelength range, resolution by changing grating lines or slit size. Three common standard maxium wavelength are ATP8200-5-17 900-1700 nm, ATP8200-5-21 900-2100 nm , ATP8200-5-26 900-2600 nm.

Crossed C-T optical bench design the higher sensitivity improve measure accuracy and detect tiny change spectrum, the optimized optical resolution level is superior for NIR spectrometer manufacturing.

1064 NIR Raman spectrometer 200-2600 cm-1 , InGaAs detector cooled down to -20 degree , custom configuration receive the the highest technology innovation in the world.
Detector type Cooled InGaAs Array CCD,Cooled down to-30ºC
Spectral range 900-1700nm, 900-2100nm, 900-2600 nm, 900-1700HR, 900-2100HR, 900-2500HR (Customized)
Effective pixels 512
Pixels dimension 50/25μm×250μm
Full well capacity 187.5 Me-
Detector model G11477
Sensitivity 1.3 A/ W
Dark noise 180 μV rms
Optical parameter
Focal distance 100 mm for incidence / 110 mm for output
Optical resolution 3-6nm (Custom configured grating grooves and slit size)
Incident Interface SMA905 connector,free space
Signal-to-noise >3000:1
Dynamic range 16666:1
Working temperature -10 to +50℃
Numberical aperture 0.11
Working humidity < 90%NC
Trigger YES(IN and OUT)
Cooling temperature -20°c
Scanning rate <200fps
Wavelength range 900-1700nm, 900-2100nm, 900-2600 nm, 900-1700HR, 900-2100HR, 900-2500HR (Customized)
Physical parameters
Dimensions 208×120×50.2mm
Weight 1.79kg
Sealing Anit-sweat
Optical configuration
Optical design f/4 crossed asymmetrical Czerny-Turner
Incident slit 50 μm (5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or 200 μm optional)
Electrical parameter
A/D conversion resolution 18 bit
Integration time 1ms - 60 s
Interface USB 2.0
Supply voltage DC4.5 to 5.5 V (type @5V)
Operating current Universal version:<2.8 A T3version:<5.0 A
Storage temperature -20°C to +70°C
  • Advanced NIR spectrometer craftsmanship

  • Widest NIR range: 900-2600 nm 

  • Free NIR spectrometer software

  • Global leading NIR spectrometer technology from Manufacturer with 20 year

  • Custom or preconfigured wavelength range and optical resolution

  • Chemical composition of Plastics, Polymers

  • Waste water detection

  • Water, Protein, Fat contents of grains

  • Carbonization characterization analysis during Paper making and pulp processing

  • Online monitoring Chinese herb production

  • Solar cell detection

  • QA/QC inspection of pharmaceutical ingredients

  • Soils component analysis
  • NIR laser characterization

  • Hydrocarbon analysis in oil and gas

Q: What is difference between ATP8000 vs ATP8200?

A: ATP8200 is upgraded version NIR spectrometer extending full range of 900-2500nm with higher resolution and sensitivity.

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