About Optosky

Optosky company has been providing first-class spectroscopy solution with 20 year, with the headquarter covers a  area of 2500 square meter with 50 engineers in Xiamen city where held the international 9th BRICK summit in 2017. Another R&D research centers locates in Wuhu city with 30 engineers covering an area of 2035 square meters.

The company founder & CEO Dr.Hongfei,Liu received Doctor degree in Chinese Academic of Science and postdoctoral degree in Xiamen University, by cooperating with two top Universities’ spectroscopy technology to integrate into Optosky company aiming at developing global leading spectroscopy solution provider.

The company technology bases on Optomechatronics, Spectroscopy Analysis, Process Weak Optical and Electrical Signals, Cloud Computing, and have been developed wide products line of Raman spectroscopy products, micro spectrometer, hyperspectral imager, field spectroradiometer, fluorescence spectroscopy, LIBS etc. Driven by advanced technologies and products, Optosky brand has been well-known to customers all over the world.

Optosky company base on technology innovation, market-driven innovation, customer first, provides first-class products and services, and one-stop solutions to many fortune 500 companies in many industries. The company received praise from leading industrial companies, as well as many innovative intellectual properties, software copyright, qualification certification, and winner awards over hundred numbers.The company has received over 26 IPs, 35 innovative patents, and 32 copy rights.

The company is currently conducting the exclusive project of major industrialization national oceanic administration with a total fund of five million US dollars. Optosky company in charge of drafting 7 Chinese National Standards (GB) , and six national standard drafter, including VNIR and SWNIR Field Spectroradiometer, Hazmat detector based on Raman spectroscopy, Buoy-type Monitor eco-environment, water quality monitor in the unmanned vessel, online water quality monitor by spectroscopy, UV-absorbent measure fabrics etc

Optosky company received ISO9001:2015 certification, CE certification, Police Administration Certification, FDA approval compliant, IQOQPQ compliant.


Pioneer World Miniature Raman Mapping.

Best 1064nm Raman Spectrometer Provider

GB Standards Drafter for Raman Spectrometer 

GB Standards Drafter for Field Spectroradiometer

GB Stanards Drafter for Water Quality Analyzer

GB Standards Drafter for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing System


Reliable Raman Spectroscopy Solution Provider

High Spectroscopy Technology applied to Industrial  production;


Global Top Raman Spectrometer Provider


First-class products and services;

Custom-First, Teamwork, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

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