What are NIR spectrometer from Optosky?

ATP8100 ultra-mini nir spectrometer
ATP8600 low cost, uncooled, FBGA, nir spectrometer, 800-1700nm
ATP8730 High resolution 0.08nm resolution, up to 30KHz frame rate
ATP8000 High performance 2-stage TEC cooled InGaAs, max, 800-2600nm, replace ocean NIR spectrometer
ATP8000T3 Highest performance 3-stage TEC cooled down to -30℃, low noise, and low dark current.

Why use NIR?

  • Non-destructive measurements
  • Little or no sample prep
  • Readings in milliseconds
  • Ease of operation
  • Accurate and precise

Why choose Optosky?

NIRQuest Spectrometer 900-2600nm with 20-year.

Applications include food, pharmaceutical, agriculture and wastewater testing.

Optosky provides free consultation on NIR Spectrometer selection guide to find the most suitable spectrum for you.

Good news is that Optosky provides free software and 1-year warranty.

Hope you have a complete Spectrometer service!

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Near Infrared Spectrometer
13.00″W x 16.90″D x 5.00″H
ATP8000-5-26 is self-developed by Optosky to replace NIR Quest features competing performance cost l..
nir spectrometer factory
Deep Cooled NIR Spectrometer
13.00″W x 16.90″D x 5.00″H
ATP8000-5-26 is self-developed by Optosky for higher performance NIR spectrometer, 900-2600nm NIR, N..
Mini NIR Spectrometer
57.50″W x 102.00″D x 29.00″H
ATP8600 covers 900-1700nm NIR spectrometer developed by Optosky for customers ha..
nir spectrometer price
ATP7330 Ultra High Resolution Grating Spectrometer
0.00″W x 0.00″D x 0.00″H
ATP7330 is an ultra-high resolution spectrometer developed by Optosky with 20 years of spectrometer ..
Chinese first spectrometer;
ATP8500 Portable NIR Grain Analyzer
0.00″W x 0.00″D x 0.00″H
ATP8500 NIR Grain Analyzer is designed for the analysis of grain and oil crops. Based on the princip..
near infrared spectrometer
ATP8730 High Resolution NIR spectrometer
75.00″W x 200.00″D x 50.00″H
         ATP8730 is an ultra-high-resolution, ultra-high-speed, short-..
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