What are High Resolution & High Sensitivity & TE cooled Spectrometer from Optosky?

ATP5100 Ultra-miniature, Cooled BT CCD, sized up to a coin.
ATP5040 crossed C-T, TE-cooled 4096 pixels CMOS external cooling, high sensitivity
ATP5020P crossed C-T, Hamamatsu CCD cooled, higher sensitivity, SNR & dynamic range is higher than Maya.
ATP5030P M-shape C-T, higher resolution and low stray light, Hamamatsu CCD
ATP5030 (2048pixels) & ATP5034 (4096pixels) CMOS+TE-cooler, M-shape C-T, high resolution
ATP5330 (2048pixels) & ATP5334 (4096pixels) Thin, cooled CMOS+TE cooled, M-shape C-T, super high resolution

How many topology structure of optical path for a spectrometer?
There are commonly divided into 4 types of optical path, including crossed C-T, M-shape C-T, concave grating optical path, transmittance grating opitcal path.
Crossed C-T: ATP2000P,ATP2002, ATP2400, ATP1010, ATP5020P, ATP5040, ATP6500
M-shape C-T: ATP3030, ATP3034, ATP3330/4 ATP5030, ATP5034, ATP5330/4 
Concave grating: ATP4230, ATP4020, ATP4050, ATP4070
let's see the M-shape optical path looks like a number "3", so our models uses the 3rd number "3" to indicate M-shape optical path models.
In generally, topology structure can decide resolution, sensitivity, stray light, and size of a spectrometer.
Crossed C-T topology structure employs better sensitivity and compact size.
M-shape C-T employs higher resolution and better stray light.
Concave grating optical path employs high stray light.

What are application of spectrometers?
1st, Environmental industries:
UV smoke analysis
Multi-parameters online water quality analysis
No reagenet online water quality analysis
2nd, Industrial Inspection:
Colorimeter, colors sorting
Emissivity,Transmittance Measure
Laser wavelength monitor
LED color temp sorting
Film thickness measure meter
Glass thick measure meter
Process Analysis Technology(PAT)
3rd, Biomedical industries:
Fully automatic biochemical analysis
Fluorescence Spectroscopy
4th, Scientific instrument
Fluorescence Spectroscopy;
Chemical Lighting
LIBS or Ionoluminence
Liquid Chromatogram

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Custom & OEM Available
TE-Cooled CCD, For Raman, Mini. Spectrometer
110.00″W x 170.00″D x 52.00″H
ATR31107 is a high-performance refrigerated mini. spectrometer developed by Optosky. It adopts a spe..
Micro raman spectrometer
ATP5020 Lowcost miniature raman spectrometer
13.00″W x 16.90″D x 5.00″H
Optosky ATP5020 lowcost miniature raman spectrometer employs the high-performance-to-price ratio, 20..
TE-cooled micro raman spectrometer
ATP5020P micro raman spectrometer
110.00″W x 170.00″D x 52.00″H
ATP5020P is a high-performance micro raman spectrometer developed by Optosky. It uses a 2048*64 pixe..
Best cooled Micro Raman spectrometer
Best Raman Spectrometer
110.00″W x 217.00″D x 52.00″H
ATP5020R Raman spectrometer as a new generation NIR response enhanced of TE-cooled high performance ..
What is spectrometer
ATP5030 High-sensitivity & High-resolution UV-Vis Spectrometer
13.00″W x 16.90″D x 5.00″H
ATP5030 is a cooled, ultra-high resolution micro spectrometer newly developed by Optosky, ATP5030 is..
Global spectrometer leader
ATP5040 High-sensitivity & High-resolution, UV-Vis Spectrometer
110.00″W x 170.00″D x 52.00″H
Optosky ATP5040 uses 4096pixels, other parameters almost the same as ATP5020, it employs the ultra-h..
ultraviolet visible spectrometer
ATP5330 Cooled High Resolution Spectrometer
90.00″W x 125.00″D x 32.00″H
ATP5330 IS newly designed ultra thin, cooled, ultra high resolution miniature spectrometers develope..
best spectrometer manufacturer
ATP5334 TE-Cooled Higher Resolution Spectrometer
90.00″W x 125.00″D x 32.00″H
ATP5334 is newly designed ultra thin, cooled, ultra high resolution miniature spectrometers develope..
optical spectrometer
ATP6500 Scientific-Grade UV-Vis Spectrometer
13.00″W x 16.90″D x 5.00″H
Optosky ATP6500 Scientific-Class UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer employs ultra-high performance, 1044 x 64 p..
Super-high resolution Spectrometer
Super-high resolution Spectrometer
24.50″W x 39.50″D x 19.00″H
With 20 years of experience in developing optical fiber spectrometer, Optosky launched a new ge..
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