Dronebrone Hyperspectral Imaging  Application:

1.Agriculture: agricultural disease analysis, guide pesticide spraying, disease prevention, yield and growing areas appraisal...

2.Insurance: The damage areas, damage loss appraisal...

3.Forestry: Forest, grass coverage, wood storage quantities appraisal

4.National defense: Camouflage, minesweeping

5.Environmental: Monitor environment, river pollution condition analysis,cyanobacteria,Chlorophyta,red tide warning...

6.Ocean: marine cyanobacteria,Chlorophyta warning, marine search & rescue, oil spill, oil stains diffuse appraisal...

7. Mining: Mineral exploration

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400-1000nm Hyper-spectral Imager
400-1000nm Hyperspectral Imaging Camera
2.80″W x 11.80″D x 2.80″H
  ATP9000, 9010, 9020 are a compact, lightweight, and miniature hyperspectral imager, and it's espec..
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