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Best UV Miniature Spectrometer
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  • ATP1010 provides UV, Vis Nir from 185nm to 1100nm,  CMOS detector technology from Hamamatsu corporation.
  • ATP1010 provides the most advanced spectroscopy technology leading the global best UV range miniature spectrometer.
  • ATP1010 is based on very high sensitivity, response rate, high performance, dynamic range, signal to noise, and optical resolution, which are suitable to various industrial applications.
  •  ATP1010 is designed to fiber optics and light source, the spectra software shows absorbance, transmission and spectrum in real time.
  • ATP1010 save 30% cost to integrate to high volume OEM analytical devices.
  • ATP1010 is based on 20 years designs expert in spectroscopy technology providing good reproducibility which ensure reproducibility from units unit and lots a lot,  which's very important for high volume manufacturers.
  • The ATP1010 can receive optical fiber input or free-space input light from the SMA905 interface, measure it according to the set integration time, and output the measurement result via USB2.0 (high speed) or UART. 
  • ATP1010 OEM spectrometer can get free SDK for spectrometer developer's kit, communication protocol, say C++, C#, Labview and Linux system SDK.

Detector type Linear CMOS
Spectral range 180-1100 nm Customize
Effective pixels 512
Sensitivity 1300V/(lx-s)
Dark noise 13RMS@13℃
Pixel size 14 × 200 μm
Optical parameter
Spectral Range 0.2-5 nm (Slit size & spectral range)
Focal distance 28 mm for incidence / 28 mm for  output
Dynamic range 10000:1
SNR > 450:1
Optical Design F/4 Crossed C-T
Physical parameters
Dimensions 45×42×23 mm3
Weight 60g
Electrical parameter
ADC depth 16  bit
Power supply DC 4.5 5.5 V (type @5V)
Working humidity < 90%RH
Integration time 0.1 ms ~ 10 min
Operating current <200 mA
Storage temperature -20°C  to +70°C
Operating temperature -10°C  to +50°C
  • Spectral range: 180-1100 nm;Customized
  •  Optical Structure:Crossed C-T;
  •  Detector:512 pixels CMOS;
  •  Integration Time:1 ms ~ 10 min
  •  Power supply:DC 5V@<200mA;
  •  Power Interface:Type C USB or extendable
  •  ADC bits depth:16bits;
  •  ADC Sampling rate:10 MHz;
  •  Optical light input:SM905 or free space;
  •  Data output:USB2.0 (High speed) or UART;
  •  10 Pins (2x5, 1.27mm pitch) Extendable pins

  •  Multi-parameters Water Quality Monitor
  •  LED sorting;
  •  Colour measurement
  •  Micro volume spectrometer
  •  UV gas measurement
  •  Spectrum analysis, radiometer
  •  Fluorescence;
  •  Reflection, transmission measurement;

What are miniature spectrometer from Optosky?
ATP1XXX & ATP2XXX belongs to low cost spectrometer.
ATP1010 180-1100nm, replace STS and UV enhanced
ATP2400 ultra thin, smaller than USB2000+ performance higher, replace USB2000+

Global Best UV minaiture OEM spectrometer in Y2021
Optosky newest smallest spectrometer with applications in the uv, this all available from 185nm to 1100nm  as a high volume OEM type product because the size of it, the small footprint lends itself very well to embedding into other analytical devices. The other thing about it is has an advanced design which helps to ensure reproducibility from units unit and lots a lot. That's something that's very important for high volume manufacturers.

What are 3 Important designs for best miniature spectrometer?
1st, ATP1010 is based on the CMOS detector technology from Hamamatsu corporation, whose technology is advanced in detector, as well as other good reliable components suppliers resources.
2nd, It's a great breakthrough to designs uv range miniature spectrometer with a very high sensitivity and performance comparable to some larger modular spectrometers. Most optical parameters of sensitivity, optical resolution, signal to noise and dynamic range outcompete STS microspectrometer.
3rd, Base on 20 years spectrometer design technology and test worker experience, not to mention QCs gurantees, which helps to ensures reproducibility from units to units and lot to lot. That's spectrometers consistence is very important to for high volume manufacturers.
4th, ATP1010 is connected to fiber optics and light source, the computer software shows absorbance, transmission and spectrum in r eal time.

What are application of spectrometers?
1st, Environmental industries:
UV smoke analysis
Multi-parameters online water quality analysis
No reagenet online water quality analysis
2nd, Industrial Inspection:
Colorimeter, colors sorting
Emissivity,Transmittance Measure
Laser wavelength monitor
LED color temp sorting
Film thickness measure meter
Glass thick measure meter
Process Analysis Technology(PAT)
3rd, Biomedical industries:
Fully automatic biochemical analysis
Fluorescence Spectroscopy
4th, Scientific instrument
Fluorescence Spectroscopy;
Chemical Lighting
LIBS or Ionoluminence
Liquid Chromatogram

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