Field Spectroradiometer Video

Spectral Evolution field portable spectroradiometers for remote sensing applications including vegetation studies, soil

The video introduces the ATP9101 field spectroradiometer and supporting software to measure the spectrum of green leaves

Optosky ATP9100 FieldSpec spectroradiometer is designed to satisfy market demands, because ASD Fieldspec HH2 stop produc

Hyperspectral device Optosky Fieldspec field-portable UV/Vis/NIR/SWIR spectroradiometers covering the full reflected spe

Broadband field spectroradiometer is a new portable hyperspectral FieldSpec. It is wavelength range of 300-11000 nm, sui

Optosky ATP9110 or ATP9110H is self-developed portable field spectroradiometer at a lower cost, customers tend to purcha

How to select best FOV degree to detect samples? Optosky manufactures handheld fieldspec easy for operate, FOV 25° sele

Use the Contact Probe that comes with FieldSpec spectroradiometer to collect leaf sample spectral data.

The video demonstrates the capabilities of the field spectroradiometer software.

Field spectroradiometer for accurate analysis in the 300-11000 nm spectral range to estimate crop vegetation, pigmentati

Optosky Handheld FieldSpec add French version and here is the video shows the French display menu. Feel free to contact

Fieldspec 2 in French language for check. Feel free to raise your valuable translation idea.

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