What are Low Cost spectrometer from Optosky?
ATP1XXX & ATP2XXX belongs to low cost spectrometer.
ATP1000 350-1100nm, replace STS
ATP1010 180-1100nm, replace STS and UV enhanced
ATP1012 Xenon lamp driver built-in upgrade from ATP1010

ATP2000P 180-1100nm, higher performance than USB2000+
ATP2000H high speed rate up to 2K or 4K Hz
ATP2002 Xenon lamp driver built-in upgrade from ATP2000P
ATP2100 highest SNR, wave shape can be edited
ATP2110 Water quality analysis spectrometer
ATP2200 180-1100nm, compete with Flame
ATP2400 ultra thin, smaller than USB2000+ performance higher, replace USB2000+

How many topology structure of optical path for a spectrometer?

There are commonly divided into 4 types of optical path, including crossed C-T, M-shape C-T, concave grating optical path, transmittance grating opitcal path.
Crossed C-T: ATP2000P,ATP2002, ATP2400, ATP1010, ATP5020P, ATP5040, ATP6500
M-shape C-T: ATP3030, ATP3034, ATP3330/4 ATP5030, ATP5034, ATP5330/4 
Concave grating: ATP4230, ATP4020, ATP4050, ATP4070
let's see the M-shape optical path looks like a number "3", so our models uses the 3rd number "3" to indicate M-shape optical path models.
In generally, topology structure can decide resolution, sensitivity, stray light, and size of a spectrometer.
Crossed C-T topology structure employs better sensitivity and compact size.
M-shape C-T employs higher resolution and better stray light.
Concave grating optical path employs high stray light.

What are application of spectrometers?
1st, Environmental industries:
UV smoke analysis
Multi-parameters online water quality analysis
No reagenet online water quality analysis
2nd, Industrial Inspection:
Colorimeter, colors sorting
Emissivity,Transmittance Measure
Laser wavelength monitor
LED color temp sorting
Film thickness measure meter
Glass thick measure meter
Process Analysis Technology(PAT)
3rd, Biomedical industries:
Fully automatic biochemical analysis
Fluorescence Spectroscopy
4th, Scientific instrument
Fluorescence Spectroscopy;
Chemical Lighting
LIBS or Ionoluminence
Liquid Chromatogram
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OEM spectrometer
Global Best UV Miniature Spectrometer
42.00″W x 45.00″D x 23.00″H
ATP1010 provides UV, Vis Nir from 185nm to 1100nm,  CMOS detector technology from Hamamatsu cor..
lowest cost spectrometer
ATP2000P Popular UV-Vis Spectrometer
5.80″W x 7.80″D x 2.60″H
Optosky ATP2000P has a low-noise, high-performance, and cost-effective. The sensor used 2048 pixel C..
low cost spectrometer
ATP2000H High Flame Speed
5.80″W x 7.80″D x 2.60″H
Optosky ATP2000H UV-Vis spectrometer is a low-noise, high-performance, high flame speed(>2k fps)...
what is uv vis spectrometer
ATP2002 UV VIS spectrophotometer spectrometer
5.80″W x 7.80″D x 2.60″H
Optosky ATP2002 built in pulsed xenon driver has a low-noise, high-performance, and cost-effective. ..
ATP2400 High PPR spectrometer
61.00″W x 85.00″D x 24.00″H
ATP2400, which has built-in pulsed xenon lamp drive circuits, adopts high sensitivity linear CMOS, a..
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