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Optosky Photonics Inc.was founded by the spectroscopy experts who were committing to developping highest performance of spectrometers. With 20-year experience in developing microspectrometers have been developing a full range of micro spectrometers ranging 150nm-11μm.Whether the ATP1010 coin-sized mini-spectrometer, ATP2002 high-performance-price-ratio microspectrometer, ATP3334 high resolution spectrometer,ATP5020P cooled microspectrometer, to ATP6500 scientific-grade micro spectrometers approve our advantages of providing any spectrometers with high performance cost less. We will always your priority partner for customizing OEM projects.

Optosky has become top brand in Raman spectrometer manufacturing, the products line include world's exlcusive triple-band Raman microscope, dual-band Raman microscope, portable Raman spectrometer, handheld Raman analyzer, mini-Raman spectrometer and exclusive Raman spectrometer.The wavelength covers from 266nm-1064nm can satisfy any customized requirements.Welcome to contact us for OEM customized cooperation. Our mighty technical team can provide one-stop solutions to customers all over the world.


Pioneer World Miniature Raman microscope Mapping.

Pioneer World Triple-band and Dual-band Raman microscope

National Exclusive provider of 1064nm Raman system.

National Exclusive provider of a full series of Raman Spectrometer

National Exclusive provider of fully self-developed products,

possessing many IP rights and software copyrights.

National Standards drafter for Raman spectrometer.

Audit Standards Superviser for Portable Raman Spectrometer

National Standards Drafter for Online Water Quality Monitor by Spectroscopy

National Standards Drafter for Hazmat Detector Based on Raman Spectroscopy


Reliable Raman Spectroscopy Solution Provider;

Aerospace Tech applied to Industrial Tech;


Global Top Raman Spectrometer Provider


First-class products and services;

Custom-First, Teamwork, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

Optosky - Your Miniature Raman Partner!

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Dual Wavelength Raman Spectroscopy Probe
Dual Wavelength Raman Spectroscopy Probe
0.00″W x 0.00″D x 0.00″H
DescriptionATR20106 is optosky's latest designed dual wavelength Raman probe, which uses a specially..
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