Q: What is LIBS?

A: LIBS is Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy is an effective tool used to detect metal substances.

Q: What is Optosky Handheld LIBS Analyzer

A: Handheld LIBS Analyzer is one of the most fast and effective tool used to field manufacturing industry. 

Q: What is LIBS used for?

A: It can be used to detect in Field Production Alloy Materials, Stainless Steel, Cast Aluminum, Zinc Alloy, Element Content, Silicon Content, Copper Content, Magnesium Content, Manganese Content in qualitative & quantitative.

Q: What does LIBS tell you?

A: It can tell alloy materials grades during the production run,alloy materials grades during the production, Aluminum 6061 vs 6063, Magnesium content(Mg), Manganese content (Mn) , silicon element & copper element of cast aluminum in quantitative, analyze silicon and copper content of ADC12 or ADC14 meeting standard.

Q:How does LIBS work?

LIBS works by focusing the laser onto a small area at the surface of the sample; when the laser shoots  it ablates a very small tiny of material, in the range of nanograms generates a plasma plume. During data collection, typically after local thermodynamic equilibrium is established, plasma temperatures range from 5,000–20,000 K. At the high temperatures during the early plasma, the ablated material breaks down into excited ionic and atomic species. During this time, the plasma emits a continuum of radiation which does not contain any useful information about the samples present, but within a very small timeframe the plasma expands at supersonic velocities and cools. At this point the characteristic atomic emission lines of the elements can be observed. 

Q: What is the advantage of Optosky LIBS Analyzer?

A: High energy pulse safe-laser technology is applied to ensure radiance free from X-ray fluorescence. Since laser light pass across optical path to gather together without collimating again, and it can not danger eyes in normal operation.

Q: How much does a LIBS cost?

A: Contact Optosky sales for a quote.

Q: How to choose a LIBS?

A: Consult Optosky technicians, and provides wavelengths, OEM project requirement.

Q: Where to buy LIBS?

A: Local distributor, Online, and contact manufacturer.


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Handheld LIBS Analyzer
Handheld LIBS Analyzer
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Handheld LIBS Analyzer
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