What kind of spectral solution instrument provided from Optoksy?

1st, UV CEMS Analyzer

The UV CEMS Analyzer uses deuterium, pulsed xenon, the deuterium lamp employs higher performance, but it requires to replace bulk every half an year, pulsed xenon has over 10-years life span, although reliability is weaker, but most user prefer to use pulsed xenon lamp, go through fiber to collimate the parrelled light, the smoke go through this port, and see this section's absorbance intensity by the spectrometer analysis, the deuterium spectrum is like this, go through absorbance spectrum, let's see amplitude can know the concentration.

Optosky unique spectrum curve reshape, like UV range, the intensity is very low, but after curve reshape, the intensity becomes higher.

2nd, Water Quality Analyzer
Let's see multi-parameter water quality monitor, this is Optosky self-designed reagent-free multi-parameters water auality analyzer ATE200, they are used to measure COD,BOD, Ammonia Nitrogen, Nitrate Nitrogen, and heavy metals. ATE300 handheld water quality analyzer chemical oxygen(COD),ammonia nitrogen,total phosphorus, total nitrogen test items.

The principle is similar, it uses xenon lamp, or deuterium lamp, then analyze liquids, like this one, water is immersion here, it used to measure this section liquid. 3rd, UV-VIS Ultra-microvolume Spectrophotometer

This is Optosky produce ultra-microvolume spectrophotometer Nanobio 200, it can open cap, the liquid drop here, close the cap, it can measure liquid absorbance, the advantage is the sample volume very tiny, measure speed is fast, the DH screen, and life span expand to 10 years, and measure range is adjustable.

here we make a cartoon to vivid show working principle, we use pipette to move the liquid drop here, when the cap close, the liquid drop forming liquid column, the source shoot on here, go through here for absorbance, and use spectrometer to make analysis. This is the ultra-microvolume spectrophotometer working principle.

4th, Laser Wavelength Analyzer

This is used to measure laser wavelength, this is very simple and just mention before.

5th, Fluorescence Analyzer

Another application is used to measure fluorescence, what's the principle of fluorescence measure, here is platform, and this is tissue cell, we use LED or laser shoot down here, tissue cell will emit fluorescence, and collect fluorescence up, go through here, and we use spectrometer to make analysis. Optosky ATF8100 used to measure fluorescence, it has camera here, it can see external appearance, it can also see the spectrum. This is onion skin appearance and this is spectrum.

This part is fiber optic spectrometer

6th, Glass Thick Measure Meter

Another application used to measure glass thickness, it use a wideband white light shoot down, optical system characteristics, different lights and different wavelength focus point is different, then we put the glass here here, both glasses surface will generate strong reflectance, it can form very high peaks, we can measure distance between two high peaks can know the thickness, many people use this method to measure glass thick, it's non-contact is very useful.

7th, Film Thick Measure Meter

thin film thick measure meter, if we want to measure coating film, the white light source shoot on the film and measure its reflectance, the white source make interference on the film, it can obtain this spectrum result, this is our ATGX310 can measure film thickness.

8th, Absorbance and Transmittance Analyzer

ATP7100 measure this section inserting into the cup, the light shoot on through here, reflect back to spectrometer, we can measure cup concentration. this part can also be disassembled and being replaced with different optical range, we can also produce online, the light shoot on here , this side connect to connect, it can measure the flowing liquid concentration.

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0.00″W x 0.00″D x 0.00″H
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ATP8500 Portable NIR Grain Analyzer
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Low noise absorbance & fluorescence measuring system
Low noise absorbance & fluorescence measuring system
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Scientific absorbance & fluorescence measuring system
Scientific absorbance & fluorescence measuring system
0.00″W x 0.00″D x 0.00″H
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Thin Film Thickness Measurement Instrument
Thin Film Thickness Measurement Instrument
0.55″W x 0.75″D x 0.51″H
Description:Incident lights with wavelengths range between 200-1700nm vertically shine on the surfac..
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