Raman Spectrometer Video

ATR8300 is equipped with an objective lens specially designed for the Raman system, which makes the laser spot close to

The video explains the fiber connection of ATR8300MP-532 and software operation.

The software operation process of ATR8300 and its experiment wizard process.

This video instructs easy to install and manual to focus for world's lowest cost Raman microscope. 1st, How to install

The detailed connection process of ATR8300.

The Chinese Society of Optical Engineering officially announced the first "JinSui" China's optoelectronic instrument bra

This video is to show our users how to assemble the ATR8300 when you receive it , also if you have any queston please

Optosky introduces you to Raman microscope ATR8300 auto-focus operation.

In this video, we introduce the revolutionary ATR8800 True Confocal Raman Imaging Microscope by Optosky. Discover how th

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