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Low Cost NIR Spectrometer
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  • ATP8600 covers 900-1700nm NIR spectrometer developed by Optosky for customers have less budget NIR requirements.

  • It uses uncooled InGaAs detector with 256 pixels

  • Compact size fit to a wide system integration in industrial measurement.

  •  SMA905 fiber input or free-space 

  • USB powered and 5V DC UART power

  • custom configured wavelength range and optical resolutioon can satisfy different requirements

  • Free SDK package for OEM customers integration

Optical parameter
Dynamic range 14667
Working temperature -10-50℃
Working humidity <90%RH
Trigger USB Type-c or UART
Wavelength range 900-1700 nm, Customized (max.interval 750nm)
SNR >2255:1
Optical Design f/4, Crossed C-T
Pixels dimension 256 pixels
Full well capacity 13.75 Me-
Detector model Linear InGaAs CCD
Sensitivity 160 nV/e-
Pixel size 25μm × 25μm
system parameter
power supply 5 DC ±5%
Size 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300μm
Physical parameters
Dimensions 102 x 57.5 x 29mm
Weight 280g
Electrical parameter
A/D conversion resolution 16 bits
Integration time 0.1-100 ms
Resolution 4-20 nm (Depend on the slit, the actual spectral range)
Operating current <0.8 A
Storage temperature -20 °C to +70 °C
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
  • 256 pixels of InGaAs detector

  • Custom configured Range: 900-1700nm (max.interval 750nm)

  • Compact size fit to system integration 

  • Free NIR spectrometer software

  • Lowest cost NIR spectrometer 

  • Food sorting

  • Waste water detection;

  • Detection of moisture, protein, fat and fiber in crops;

  • Paper sorting;

  • Online monitoring of Chinese medicine production;

  • Solar panel inspection;

  • FBGA fiber modem;

  • Laser wavelength monitoring.
What are NIR spectrometer from Optosky?

ATP8100 ultra-mini nir spectrometer
ATP8600 low cost, uncooled, FBGA, nir spectrometer, 900-1700nm (max.interval 750nm)
ATP8730 High resolution 0.08nm resolution, up to 30KHz frame rate
ATP8000 High performance 2-stage TEC cooled InGaAs, max, 800-2600nm, replace ocean NIR spectrometer
ATP8000T3 Highest performance 3-stage TEC cooled down to -30℃, low noise, and low dark current

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