What is Raman Microscope?
  Optosky Raman microscope integrates microscope and Raman spectrometer. It sees micro areas of samples on the screen in a single click. Once one accurate location is visualized, the observer can detect Raman signals under various surface conditions, and synchronized Mapping image can be displayed intuitively on the screen at one click, result in great convenience to detect micro or macro areas of samples. Combine true confocal system with accurate image process algorithm, and a small sample area can be analyzed, as well as it requires minimal training and maintenance, yet resulting in a uniform result.
  The microscope is equipped with a tailor-made objective, and laser spot on the sample becomes very close to the diffraction limit, then focal information can be displayed accurately and intuitively on the screen with a 3-megapixel camera. Its advantage improves Raman spectral quality and overcomes the limitations of Raman systems where the focal plane for Raman signal acquisition is little above or below the imaging plane.
  It works stably without moving components of optical path switch, hence it avoids optical path loss while the image formed, and it gains an optimized signal by separating the image formed through Raman signal acquisition.

What is Raman microscope used for?
       Raman microscope is used for nanoparticles and new materials, Nanoparticles and new materials, science research, bioscience, forensic, medical immunology analysis, agriculture, environmental science etc.

What does Raman microscope tell you?
        Raman mircoscope can measure new materials ID,nano materials ID, disease, virus, microbe, bateria etc.

How much does a Raman microscope cost?
        Optosky Raman spectrometer prices range from USD39,800 to USD99,980 above.

How does Raman microscope work?
        Raman microscope is made up of microscope,microspectrometer,lasers, integrated Raman probe and software,monochromic light is generated by laser shoot on the surface of sample happening Raman scattering,  scattering light goes through Raman probe return to optic fiber spectrometer. System focus automatically looks for the best location to detect, readout spectra of the sample via Optosky software.

How to choose a Raman microscope?
        It's needed to consider key parameters of Raman microscope, such as CCD detector, resolution, SNR, wavelengths, stability, sensitivity etc. Based on your specific application, we can recommend the best-matched Raman microscope to users.

Where to buy Raman microscope?
        Optosky portable dual-band Raman spectrometer can be bought from local distributors, order online or contact online sales.

Why choose Optosky Raman microscope?
  1st, World pioneer Raman microscope mapping manufacturer
  2n, Optosky is a professional manufacturer with 20-Year experience in developing spectrometer.
  3nd, We are China National Standards drafter of Raman spectrometer.
  4rd, One of the lowest price manufacturer with industry leading warranty guarantee and technical support.
  4th, Award-winner Raman instrument.
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785nm Auto-focus Raman Microscope
785nm Auto-focus Raman Microscope
0.00″W x 0.00″D x 0.00″H
1.Description:ATR8300AF combines the advantages of the microscope and  Raman spectrometer. It f..
785nm Miniature Raman Microscope Mapping
785nm Miniature Raman Microscope Mapping
0.00″W x 0.00″D x 0.00″H
Optosky ATR8300MP miniature Raman microscope integrates microscope and Raman spectrometer. It featur..
Hyperspectral Imaging Microscope (400-1000nm)
Hyperspectral Imaging Microscope (400-1000nm)
0.00″W x 0.00″D x 0.00″H
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1064nm Miniature Raman Microscope (Mapping)
1064nm Miniature Raman Microscope (Mapping)
25.10″W x 34.90″D x 16.00″H
1.Description: Optosky Raman microscope combines the benefits of microscope and Raman spectrome..
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