Why Choose Optosky for OEM Partner?

A. Mighty R&D Capacities

Q1: What qualification required for the R&D department? 

Optosky: 65% of R&D staff are undergraduates and postgraduates majoring in optoelectronics. There are also 3 PhDs involved in product design and development.

Q2: What are the advantages of your design principle?

Optosky: All of the Optosky products are self-designed by using advanced technology to supply to global customers high performance cost less scientific instruments.

Q3. How often do your products launch?

Optosky: There are new products launch plan base on a monthly or quarterly by LIVE, webnar, off-line demo tour, trade fairs.

Q4. What are the technical and industrial standards of your products?

Optosky: China National Standard Drafter for Raman spectrometer,China National Standard Drafter for Hazmat detector based on Raman spectroscopy,《China National Standard Drafter for Buoy-type Monitor eco-environment》,《China National Standard Drafter for water quality monitor in unmanned boat》,《China National Standards Drafter for online water quality monitor by spectroscopy》《China National Standard Drafter for UV-absorbent measure fabrics》

Q5. What are the advantages of your products compared with the competitors?


  • 20 year spectroscopy solution experience
  • Self-developed products at High performance cost-effective
  • A full range of categories for selection
  • Advanced Technology Innovation and application
  • OEM custom configuration
  • Outlook design: simple and friendly, one touch operation
  • High sensitivity, high resolution, high performance

B.Engineering Capabilities

Q1. What patents, certifications, and intellectual property rights does your product have?

Optosky: Total 70 IPs , 20 new utilities design

C.Manufacturing Capabilities

Q1.How many people do you have in your company?

Optosky: About 150 personnel, 60% spectroscopy engineers , outsourcing OEM production tasks.

Q2.What's the lead time of standard order?

Optosky:  2-4 weeks  

D.Product Categories

Q1What are the categories of your products?

Optosky: Optical fiber spectrometer, Field SpectroradiometerFluorescence spectrometer, Raman spectrometer, uv-vis Ultra-micro volume spectrophotometer, Hyperspectral imager, and other spectral solution.

Q2. What are the specifications and styles of your existing products?


  • Raman Spectrometer Series:ATR6500,ATR6600,ATR6600Pro,ATR8500,ATR8800...
  • Optical fiber spectrometer Series:ATP6500,ATP2000P,ATP3334,ATP5040,ATP5020P...
  • Field spectroradiometer Series :ATP9100,ATP9110,ATP9101...
  • Hyperspectral imager Series:ATH6010,ATH5010,ATH6010,ATH9010...
  • Ultra-micro volume spectrophotometer Series: Nanobio 200,Nanobio 300,Nanobio 500...

E. Market and Brand

Q1. Which industries do you mainly cover in the market?

Optosky: Public security, industrial testing, food safety, scientific research market, geographic information, and smart agriculture, water quality, and environmental protection.

2. What is the company's advantage?


  • 20-Year Focus on Developing Spectrometers
  • No.1 brand of Raman Spectrometer in China,GB Standard Drafter
  • Originally funded by National Science and Technology Major scientific instrument
  • Worldwide sales channels

Q3. What's our customer's list?

Optosky: Many famous universities and institutes, Industrial industrial customers including Fortune 500 companies in the world.