FT-IR Spectrometer Video

FTIR software introduction for Optosky ATP8900 series advanced FTIR spectroscopy solution.

This is the measurement methods for liquid samples. The video demonstrates step-by-step how to prepare liquid samples fo

Optosky is an advanced FT-IR spectrometers manufacturer with 20 years, with FTIR instruments in stock and at affordable

Free FT-IR Spectroscopy operation guide. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR analysis or FT-IR Spectroscopy) i

Handheld FT-IR spectrometer provides online in real time monitor industrial gases, identify unknown narcotics , drugs an

The ATP8900TP compact FT-IR spectrometer weighs less than 5kg, easy-to-carry with a case and open up the carrying case t

ATP8900pro research FT-IR spectrometer equipped with multiple beam inlets and detector inlets and configurable with liqu

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