Q: What is OEM miniature Raman?

A: OEM Miniature Raman features ultra-light, ultra-thin, and ultra-miniature, and is suitable for the field operation  In the industries of pharmaceutical and medical, forensic and public safety semiconductor and other industries with high volumes.  

Q: What is OEM miniature Raman used for?

A: OEM miniature Raman is used for field analysis in a fast, accurate and non-destructive ways, It has been widely used by a non-specialist in the pharmaceutical and medical, forensic, public safety, semiconductor, and other industries with volumes.  

Q: What does OEM miniature Raman tell you?

A: OEM miniature Raman can identify raw materials ID, narcotics, hazardous materials & chemicals, drugs, gemstones, and minerals etc.  

Q: How much does an OEM miniature Raman cost?

A: Optosky provides OEM miniature Raman analyzer employs the most advanced technology cost less.  

Q: How does OEM miniature Raman work?

A: The OEM miniature Raman analyzer is available in two versions of software PHARM-ID & POLICE-ID running in the Android system.  

Q: How to choose an OEM miniature Raman manufacturer?

A: Before selecting an OEM miniature Raman, it's usually asking for a questions list to make a general evaluation.

Q1: Is it a well-established brand in the industry?

A: It's needed to know if this brand is a spectroscopy expert, can they provide the customization design?

Q2: They should have a good reputation For providing high-performance instruments.

Q3: If this brand had a rich experience in self-developing Raman spectroscopy instruments?

Q4: If this brand has a full range of the Raman spectroscopy instruments series?

Q5: Can they provide an industry-leading warranty guarantee with a mighty technical background.

Q13: What's the price advantages among the competitors?

Q14: how to evaluate manufacturers' comprehensive capabilities?

1st, It is mainly decided by if the manufacturers can provide the highest performance instruments customization?

2nd, it can provide high-performance instruments cost less.

3rd, do they employ the best sales models with a very competitive price?

Q: Where to buy OEM miniature Raman?

A: Optosky OEM miniature Raman shall contact the original manufacturer.  

Q: Why choose Optosky OEM miniature Raman?

A: For years, Optosky has been the preferred, reliable OEM Raman spectroscopy partner. As an expert in Raman spectroscopy has always committed to technology innovation and breakthrough. Our fast-response and customer priority services principle satisfy customers all over the world. The OEM miniature Raman spectrometer has been widely applied to applications of semiconductor, medical, pharmaceutical, public safety, food safety, gemstone, industrial process control, mineral, etc.   

1st, the most lightweight (275g),   

2nd, the most advanced algorithm,  

3rd, the widest spectral range: 200-3000cm-1

4th, the best resolution: 18cm-1

5th, the lowest cost

Q: Why Choose Optosky brand for Raman spectroscopy instrument?


1st, Optosky has been developing Raman spectrometer for 20-year.

2nd, Optosky is China National Standards drafter of Raman spectrometer

3rd, Top 1 in China brand and Top 3 brand in the world.

In 2016 launch the first generation handheld Raman spectrometer,

In 2017 launch the dual-band Raman spectrometer

In 2020, launch the triple-band Raman microscope

In 2021, launch the quadriband scientific-grade Raman microscope

4th, Optosky represents the highest performance cost less Chinese high-tech manufacturers with industry-leading warranty guarantee and technical support.

5th, Optosky's Raman spectroscopy technology originate from Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics Chinese Academic of Science University and Xiamen University Zhong Qun Tian who discovers SHINERS makes SERS can be preserved longer than 2 years.

6th, Quality control system follows Agilent Technologies

7th, 60% R&D engineers  provide Industrial-leading warranty guarantee and technical support services

       The most experienced engineers and 3 Drs team in Raman spectroscopy

8th, Complete certification of ISO, CE, FDA Approval, Police Approval, API Approval

Q: What is the application of Raman spectrometer used in public safety?

A: When we still vividly remember the unpleasant memories happened in 2014 Xiamen city and a burned bus on which the passengers bringing the petrol along and bus burned suddenly killing many passengers. If the Raman spectrometer can be used to detect the explosives flammable and hazardous liquids on the entrance can avoid this accident. It takes few seconds to detect results, entrance and exit on the Metro, airport, BRT, bus, stadium, and large public places. And also government court, Police, Jail and fire fighting.

Q: What is the application of Raman spectrometer used in public safety?

A: In Jail, there are some criminals have potential intention of killing themselves. These criminals could find ways to bring in drugs, toxic substance inside jail. It’s needed to detect the presence of these toxic substance before entering jail. In court, there are some defendants who threatening to kill themselves to prove their own innocent. It’s necessary to use Raman spectrometer to detect the toxic substances before entering the court. The police arrest drug dealers and few criminal investigations and illegal factory check. Only the applications related to the drug enforcement administration, customs entry and exit, and police border defenses and fire brigade and court and jail. It’s known that fentanyl has many hundreds of variance and a Raman spectroscopy is very good tool to take fast take hundreds fentanyl variants to perform field criminal investigation on illegal factory check. Such as the 1064nm handheld Raman spectrometer can export good spectra of methamphetamine, Ketamine, Ephedrine. Etc.

Q: What is the application of handheld Raman analyzer used to identify gemstones?

 A: Handheld Raman analyzer, Portable Raman spectrometer, and Raman microscope are used to identify gemstones, Jade bracelet, diamond ring. Raman spectroscopy technology is the a great tool to identify true and take gemstones.

Q: What is the application of Raman spectrometer used in biomedical industry?

A: Raman Spectrometer is applied to biomedical industry, such as non invasive blood glucose.  The Samsung company announced the non invasive blood glucose wristband applied Raman spectroscopy technology. Apple company is researching on it. These two well-known companies had already developed the finished blood glucose wristband, say, non invasive blood glucose wristband have already made the industrialization possible. And the Raman spectrum can display different blood concentrations shown on a cell phone APP.

Q: What is the Raman spectrometer applied to detect cancer?

 A: In the published paper reviewed that the patients diagnosed cancer can be identified by Raman spectroscopy. The patient diagnosed cancer shows the peak in 751nm, and the healthy person shows the peak in 758nm, there are 7cm-1 shift and and this paper writer confer the accuracy is high. In addition, the Raman spectroscopy is applied to detect skin cancer. 

Q: How is the Raman spectroscopy technology is discovered?

A: There is a very interesting story told in 1920s, an Indian scientist named Raman discover why the sea is so blue, whose blue brighter than blue sky, and after his research, he finally found in 1928 that the sea has absorbed uv range and generated new blue lights. Raman write a paper of his discovery, in order to remember Raman scientist great discovery and people use his name to describe this phenomenon Raman Spectroscopy. The first Discovery of Raman spectroscopy in 1928. And in 1930s, Raman scientist has won the Nobel prize. In the scientists history, Raman spectroscopy has been a very big discovery.

Q: What is the Raman spectroscopy working principle?

A: When the molecule absorbs laser energy and generate energy level shift, but it is an unstable state. It can ring-down to the original energy level. If no energy shift part called Rayleigh scattering. However some part shift from E0 to E2, fall down to E1, This situation is called STOCKS, a single photon energy is lower energy & frequency than the laser energy but longer wavelength. The other part from E1 to higher energy level E1+hv0, and its ring down to E0 with the higher frequency and energy, but shorter wavelength called anti-stokes lines. In these situations still ring down to the deeper energy levels but less. Raman spectroscopy are mainly analyzing the STOKES lines.

Q: How is the Raman spectrometer work?

A: First of all, the narrow linewidth laser generates an excitation light go through the fiber and collimator mirror to form a parallel incident light, excitation light focus from here, and shoot on the sample to be detected. The sample absorbs excitation light energy and it happens the energy levels shift, then go through ring-down process of generating new Raman light with a 360 degree scattering.  Some portions of Raman scattering can be collected by our objective lens, then reflected from here, through long pass filter Rayleigh scattering, then couple into inside fiber and spectrometer. Raman spectrometer is used to analyze the collected Raman signal, wavelength, and intensity. Finally, it can get the Raman signal.

Q: How is the spectrometer work?

A: The CCD export signal going through circuit, DC power, and USB, then transfer on the PC software, and finally obtain spectrum result. 

Q: What is the application of Raman spectrometer?


1st, Biomedical industry of early cancer detection, ultrastructure change of biological molecule, calculi components analysis.

2nd, Public Safety of Drugs and Narcotics, Fast Detect Toxic Substance, explosives & Flammable materials, Drink water.

3rd, Environmental science of waste water contamination, petroleum analysis, deposits analysis.

4th, Pharmaceutical Engineer, Drugs scan and analysis, Crystallization in process monitor, Raw material QA & QC

5th, Food Safety, Detect refined gutter oil, Detect pesticides residues, Food additives and contaminants.

6th, Gemstones ID, Trace gemstones place-of-origin, Anti-counterfeiting, Antique ID

Q: What are differences between Infrared spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy?

A: Infrared spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy are twin brothers, their spectra are mutually complementary. 

1st, Working Principle Differences:

Infrared spectroscopy absorbs molecule absorption spectra, but the Raman spectroscopy absorbs the molecular emissions spectra with higher accuracy. It’s important to get a general idea that Raman spectroscopy technology is more accurate than Infrared spectroscopy.

2nd, Infrared spectroscopy is measured by contact, most infrared measurement requires sample preparation, but Raman spectroscopy requires no sample preparation and non-contact measurement through the glasses, plastic bags, kraft papers, and envelop etc.

3rd, Measure methods are different, infrared spectroscopy is destructive measurement can damage the sample requires larger samples quantities and consumable materials, but Raman spectroscopy is non-destructive measurement and can non-contact sample, no consumables materials. 

4th, Infrared spectroscopy requires sample preparation, but the Raman spectroscopy requires no sample preparation.

5th,Infrared spectroscopy measure molecular group, but Raman spectroscopy measure molecular skeleton with higher accuracy. 

6th,Tell the differences of isomer, including monomer isomeride, position 

7th, Infrared spectroscopy can not tell the difference of isomers, but the Raman spectroscopy can tell the difference of isomers, including monomer isomer, position isomers, geometric isomers, Fentanyl variants generated in varaints fast, and Raman spectrometer has positive advantage for Fentanyl detection.

8th, Infrared spectroscopy can not detect sample in water solution, which is easily influenced by the water, but Raman spectroscopy has little influence on water, even if the peak of  Another one is solutions. Infrared spectra is easily influenced by the water, but Raman can not be influenced by water am water has not raman signal, even at the peak of 3400 has a small curve, which have no influence on our measurement.

9th, Infrared spectroscopy is sensitive to water vapour, however, Raman spectroscopy can detect at any state anywhere.

10th, Infrared spectroscopy requires huge amount of samples to build up modeling, but it only takes 1-2mg sample to build a library.

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Miniature Handheld Raman spectrometer
89.00″W x 139.00″D x 35.00″H
What are the advantages of choosing the ATR2500 Miniature handheld Raman spectrometer?ATR2500 is a R..
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Miniature Handheld Raman spectrometer
89.00″W x 139.00″D x 35.00″H
What are the advantages of choosing the ATR2500 Miniature handheld Raman spectrometer?ATR2500 is a R..
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