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Miniature Handheld Raman spectrometer
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What are the advantages of choosing the ATR2500 Miniature handheld Raman spectrometer?

ATR2500 is a Raman spectrometer developed by Optosky for more than 20 years. After 5 years, it has developed a brand-new, optimized and designed high-sensitivity Raman spectrometer with breakthrough characteristics. It has ultra-small and ultra-light, High resolution, high sensitivity, high reliability, etc. ATR2500 adopts Optosky's latest full free space optical path technology, which increases the Raman signal collection efficiency by nearly 4 times, thereby increasing the sensitivity by 4 times.

The ATR2500 Raman spectrometer is very suitable for laboratory scientific research. It is small in size, high reliability, easy to measure, and the detection results are accurate and reliable. The excellent low stray light design of ATR2500 makes it easy to use. The multi-function software randomly distributed by ATR2500 has been strictly tested by hundreds of scientists around the world and collected their improvement opinions. After nearly a hundred versions of updates, the function is very complete and stable, which is very suitable for the development of Raman research.


Tested according to the American National Standard ASTM E2529-06;

Optical parameter
Working temperature -20~50 ℃
Working humidity < 95%
Wavelength range 100-4100
SNR >1300:1 (918 cm-1 of Acetonitrile,4sIntergation, 130mW)
Physical parameters
Dimensions Without probe:119.2×89×35 mm With probe:139×89×35 mm
Weight 390 g
Raman Instrument
Battery DC 5V±5%
Integration time 4ms - 120s
Resolution 8-12nm;
Reliability Spectral reliability: σ/μ < 0.5% (COT 8 hours) Temperature reliability: Spectral shift ≤ 1 cm-1 (10-40 ℃) Spectral intensity: <±5%(in 5 ~ 40 ℃)
Raman Spectrometer System Parameters
Interface USB 2.0
Raman spectrometer Detector
Detector Model Ultra-sensitive linear array detector
Effective Pixels 2048 pixels
Dynamic range
Raman Spectrometer Laser Parameters
Laser Linewidth 0.1nm
Laser Output Maximum output power: ≥300 mW,the actual output power software can be set Minimum power output adjustment: 1mW
Power Stability σ/μ <±0.2%
Raman Spectrometer Probe
Operating Distance OD>8
Rayleigh Scatter Resistance 6 mm
NA Raman Probe 0.3
Aperture 7mm

What are the major features of the ATR2500 Miniature handheld Raman spectrometer?

Full free space design, super high sensitivity;

Ultra-high sensitivity detector;

Ultra-low noise circuit;

Ultra-light, ultra-small, ultra reliable;

Powerful spectral analysis software;

Eliminate fluorescent background;

Peak search and display;

USB 2.0;

Friendly man-machine interface.

Nanoparticles and new materials

Research of Research Institute


Forensic Medicine

Material science

Medical immunoassay

Agriculture and food identification

Gems and inorganic minerals identification

Environmental science

Figure 1 Raman spectrum curve test results; sample: acetonitrile, laser power: 130mW, measurement integration time: 4000ms.

Figure 2 Spectral intensity repeatability test, the result is 0.06%, the spectral intensity stability is good.

Figure 3 Temperature drift test, -10~40℃ wavenumber drift

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