Jul 05

NIR spectrometer

Optosky ATP8000 nir spectrometer


Laser wavelength measurement 

Fiber sensor grating demodulation


NIR 900-2600nm


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May 28

【Video】ATR6500 (PHARM-ID) Handheld Raman Instrument

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May 15

ATR6500 Winner Award, Prize Winner

The CISILE 2019- China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition held in Beijing National Conference Center on March 27,2019.

It has gained increasing influence in the international stage, and many well-established enterprises publish innovative products in the big event here. Self-developed instruments competition event can promote and guide the direction of the industry.

On such great event, OPTOSKY ATR6500 handheld Raman Spectrometer have won the Innovative Award for the most advanced AI algorithm, lightweight , smart size.

It has been widely used in security and safety, food safety, pharmaceutical, gemstones, police,customs, jail,metro, airport, high speed train, BRT, etc.

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Apr 23

【Video】ATR6600 Advanced Handheld Raman Analyzer (1064nm)

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Apr 19

【Video】ATR3000 Poratble Raman Analyzer,785,532,1064nm

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