How To Evaluate An Good OEM Partner? or 4 Golden Rules  To Evaluate OEM Manufacturers?

1st, Quality Control Guarantee
Quality control over the quality of your raw materials and packing is important to OEM customer. At Optosky, we provide customized test items for different product and application. Follow up Agilent strict quality control, we perform reliability test with packing, such as vibration, shock and drop, as well as module reliability test of temperature cycle test,EMC, and long term stability test. The strict quality control is executed throughout the entire process. Working with Optosky, your materials and products will be manufactured  using the standard infrastructure and processes to perform quality control. World-class quality our products can be priority for OEM customers.
Optosky ISO9001 certificated assures you level D clean room and GMP compliance to ensure the highest level of quality control. We provide manufacturing process monitoring with documented evidence compliance with OEM quality requirements. We perform improvement activities using the Corrective and Preventive Action System (CAPA), We occasionally receive suppliers’ audit and the third party audit in order to build confidence to OEM customer.
We are capable of conducting the FDA Quality Systems Inspections Technique (QSIT) to conduct Installation Qualifications (IQs), Operational Qualifications (OQs), and Performance Qualifications (PQs), as well as software verifications and validations.
With our experience in quality control and inspection test to satisfy every specification of raw materials and its products, in order to minimize the batch variability and increase lot consistency.
Opotosky has rich experience to deliver high quality spectrometer to satisfy OEM requirements. Combine Chinese high-technology innovation achievements and our Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing processes to manage and optimize costs. Optosky always provide high quality spectrometer cost less to OEM customers all over the world.

2nd, Supply Chain Security
Over 20 years, Optosky has been setup new manufacturing sites in cities Xiamen (2500㎡), Wuhu (1800㎡), and Hangzhou(350㎡), new offices in cites of Xian,Beijing, and Changchun, and distribution centers in most cities of China, and with spectroscopy experts with the aim of building the high quality spectroscopy solutions and services to OEM customers all over the world. With an ever-growing list of more than 130 countries distribution channels, we can offer you high level of supply chain security through our manufacturing sites and unprecedented world manufacturing capabilities locating in China. Furthermore, spectroscopy scientists and experts team can collaborate to ensure a smooth and timely delivery of OEM projects. Importantly, you can trust our promises made in our supply guarantee contract.

3rd, Financial Resources Management
The financial resources is the other key guarantee to our OEM supply chains, we have tremendous financial resources that can be applied to acquire key raw materials, hire new engineers, and even build entirely new sites to further secure supply and supply growing future orders. The financial stability will put our OEM partner will never need to worry about supply chain backup.

4th, OEM Scientist Team Support
The OEM team at Optosky can help you realize your unique vision through a wide selection of custom manufacturing capabilities and services. At present, Optosky OEM technical sceintists have over 75 engineers and scientists taking up 60% of total employees. Their supports include simple component alterations, modified molecular, new attachments, custom packaging, and many others. Our spectroscopy experts are ready to discuss your OEM project and collaborate to turn your concept into a finished product. If our current manufacturing solutions doesn’t satisfy your OEM projects, we can always figure out a suitable custom solution for you.

Optosky OEM team provides development and design know-how consultant and technical services including but not limited to items below:
Technology Evaluation
System Development
Optical Development
Circuit Development
Attachments Development
Custom Housings Design
Software Development
Algorithm Development

Optosky team provides Techniques including
Thin Film Interference

Optosky Product Lines Naming Rule:
AT represents Optosky‘s Model.
ATR – Raman Spectrometer
ATP  – Micro Spectrometer
ATH  – Hyperspectral Imager
ATF   – Micro Fluorescence Spectrometer
ATW  – Water Quality Monitor
ATE   – Environmental Protection Instrument
ATFD –  Food Safety Product Line
GA    – Public Safety Product Line(“Gong An” pronounced in Chinese )
GF     – Gas Monitor Product Line(Gas Finder)
GY    – Industrial Process Monitor(“Gong Ye” pronounced in Chinese)

There are no products to list in this category.

Techniques Categories:

OEM Spectrometer
OEM Spectrometer

OEM spectrometer teams with over 50 engineers over 20 years of spectroscopy experience, our combined 5,000 squre meters manufacturing sites, through work closely with your requirements, and one-stop solutions for your OEM spectrometers.

OEM Raman System
OEM Raman System

For years, Optosky has been the preferred, reliable OEM Raman spectroscopy partner. As an expert in Raman spectroscopy has always committed to technology innovation and breakthrough. Our fast-response and customer priority services principle satisfy customers all over the world. 

OEM Nanodrop
OEM Nanodrop

Optosky Nanobio 200 series are full-spectrum, UV-VIS microvolume spectrophotometers used to quantify and assess purity of DNA,RNA,Protein and more. It takes only 0.5-2µL of sample in seconds.

OEM Field Spectroradiometer
OEM Field Spectroradiometer

FieldSpec can measure reflection spectrum in range of uv, vis,nir, and mi-ir, which is used directly or supported in qualitative & quantitative analysis. quantitatively and objectively. Reflectance measurements can detect the color and the texture from a surface, check differences between objects or texture for sorting or quality control.

OEM Hyperspectral System
OEM Hyperspectral System

Hyperspectral Imaging Camera are used for applications in astronomy, agriculture, molecular biology, biomedical imaging, geosciences, physics, environment,and monitoring. Hyperspectral imaging camera takes pictures of objects spectrum with unique 'fingerprints', it enable identification of the materials. Like spectral fingerprint of oil helps geologists locate new oil fields.

OEM Water Quality Monitor
OEM Water Quality Monitor

Optosky multi-parameter water quality can monitor COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, red tide, PH, dissolved oxygen, nitrite ammonia nitrogen, salinity, available in OEM cooperation on Airborne Patrol System, Boat Patrol System, Underwater Patrol System, and Online Seashore Monitor.

OEM Oil Polution Monitor
OEM Oil Polution Monitor

Optosky OEM oil polution monitor system include Airborne Fluorescence Imaging oil spill remote sensing system allowable day & night work, online oil polution monitor at river cross section, and handheld fluoresecence oil polution monitor.

OEM Gas Monitor
OEM Gas Monitor

Optosky Nanobio 200 series are full-spectrum, UV-VIS microvolume spectrophotometers used to quantify and assess purity of DNA,RNA,Protein and more. It takes only 0.5-2µL of sample in seconds.

OEM Public Safety Solution
OEM Public Safety Solution

Optosky Public Safety Solution includes narcotics analyzer,hair narcotics fast ID, urine narcotics residues fast ID; criminal dection of fingerprint, footprint,seal, signature; airborne remote sensing fire alarm system & handheld fire alarm device.