What are Oil Pollution Remote Sensing Spectrometer from Optosky?

ATF2500 handheld ultraviolet fluorescent, ultra high sensitivity, low power operation;

ATE5000 high accuracy, long flight time, high flying altitude, wide scanning area, work all day.

Why could be oil spills monitored?

The detector emits ultraviolet pulse beam to the water surface or the ground, excites the oil molecules in the target area to generate fluorescence,use the inherent fluorescence properties of the oil molecules to identify its chemical composition, and send an early warning signal to the operator.

How are oil spills monitored?

Oil pollution remote sensing detector is a non-contact optical remote detector that can automatically detect whether the water or the ground contains oil. The equipment is highly sensitive and easy to maintain. It can detect oil leaks or spills in time, allowing users to control and respond to dangerous situations as soon as possible.

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