What is Handheld Raman?
 Handheld Raman set is ultra-thin, light-weight, easy-to-hold and compact.  The total weight 450g, advanced algorithm enables to detect mixtures matching up to 5 categories,  detect raw and auxiliary materials whether in the lab, factory, warehouse, loading dock, crime scene, or outdoor. Excellent spectrum identification algorithm are embedded in Handheld Raman spectrometers as a result of fast, accurate and non-destructive detect materials, and users are able to build up their own spectrum.
  A user-friendly touch screen for both technical & non-technical personnel to make their jobs easier. High-quality hardware configuration and robust multivariate algorithms guarantee accurate, uniform and reliable result detected.
  Raman spectrometer is an approved method by the United States, European and Chinese Pharmacopoeia. It is also an analytical method in compliance with 100% identity assurance for incoming materials such as APIs, recipients, intermediates, and packing materials.
  Optosky offers comprehensive technical support, including self-built spectral library, method & verification, IQ/OQ/PQ validation, 21CFR PART11...
        Available in wavelengths of 785nm,1064nm, and other customized.

  What is Handheld Raman used for?
  Handheld Raman is used for field analysis in a  fast, accurate and non-destructive ways, It has been widely used by non-specialist in the lab, mining, customs, law enforcement scene, pharmaceuticals, policy, metro, security safety etc. It has been widely used for identifying materials spectrum.

  What does handheld Raman tell you?
  Handheld Raman is compact with complete functions like portable Raman tell non-metal materials unique spectrum, it can identify raw materials ID, narcotics, hazardous materials & chemicals, drugs, gemstones, and minerals etc.

  How much does a handheld Raman cost?
  Optosky Raman spectrometer prices range from USD33,000 to USD60,000 above.

  How does Handheld Raman work?
  Handheld Raman works with optic fiber spectrometer, laser, Raman probe and software, monochromic light is generated by laser shoot on the surface of sample happening Raman scattering,  scattering light goes through Raman probe return to optic fiber spectrometer, spectra of the sample can be read out via Optosky software.

  How to choose a Handheld Raman?
  Handheld Raman manufacturer technology capabilities, CCD detector brand and model, resolution, SNR, wavelengths, stability, sensitivity, mixture identification, and algorithm etc. User can inquire local distributors for advice what is the popular models cost less to find most suitable instrument for your applications. 

  Where to buy handheld Raman?
  Optosky handheld Raman is available in local distributors, online shop or inquire us.

  Why choose Optosky handheld Raman?
    1st,  the most lightweight(450g),
    2nd, the most advanced algorithm,
    3rd, the highest screen resolution: 1920*1080
    4th, the widest spectral resolution: 200-4000cm-1
    5th, the best resolution: 10cm-1
    6th, the lowest cost
    7th, double camera
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785nm Classical Handheld Raman Analyzer
785nm Classical Handheld Raman Analyzer
0.40″W x 0.70″D x 0.20″H
Optosky design a series of ultra-thin, lightweight, Handheld Raman Analyzer. The total weight is les..
The 4th Generation 785nm Handheld Raman Analyzer (450g)
The 4th Generation 785nm Handheld Raman Analyzer (450g)
3.10″W x 6.70″D x 1.20″H
ATR6500 is designed ultra-thin, lightweight, smart handheld Raman system. The total weight is l..
785nm Handheld Gemstones Raman Analyzer for Gemstones ID
785nm Handheld Gemstones Raman Analyzer for Gemstones ID
0.40″W x 0.70″D x 0.20″H
Description:Optosky ATGM620 provides a series of ultra-thin, light-weight, mini handheld Raman spect..
1064nm Handheld Raman Instrument for Hazmat, Narcotics,Drugs,Explosives
ATR6600 is a set of 1064nm handheld Raman analyzer that excels at fluorescence resistance suit to hi..
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