What is modular spectrometer?
  Modular spectrometer is also called fiber optic spectrometer, micro spectrometer. Optosky provides complete lines of miniature UV,Vis and NIR fiber optic spectrometers. It's core part of Raman system. They can be configured together with fiber optics, probes, light sources, and software into spectral system application. Mircospectrometers are the ideal choice for research institutes, educational laboratories, equipment manufacturers to build a spectral solution.

  What is modular spectrometer used for?
  The modular spectrometer is used for Raman system, spectrophotometer, spectraradiometer, thin-film thickness meter, water quality analysis analyzer, CEMS analyzer etc.

  What does modular spectrometer tell you?
  The modular spectrometer is used to measure absorbance, luminance & transmittance, reflectance measurement etc.
        How much does a modular spectrometer cost?
  The modular spectrometer prices range USD980~14,900

  How does modular spectrometer work?
  Light enters the optical bench through a standard SMA905 connector and is collimated by a spherical mirror. A plane grating diffracts the collimated light; a second spherical mirror focuses the resulting diffracted light. An image of the spectrum is projected onto a 1-dimensional linear detector array.

  How to choose a modular spectrometer?
  Consult Optosky technicians, and provides wavelengths, OEM project requirement.

  Where to buy modular spectrometer?
  Optosky Raman spectrometer can be bought from local distributors, order online or contact online sales.

  Why choose optosky modular spectrometer?
  1st, Optosky is a professional manufacturer with 20-Year experience in developing spectrometer.
  2nd, We are China National Standards drafter of optic fiber spectrometer.
  3rd, One of the lowest price manufacturer with industry leading warranty guarantee and technical support.
  4th, OEM manufacturing capabilities to work closely with project requirements.
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200-1100nm Low-noise Spectrometer
200-1000nm 4096pixels, High-resolution, UV-Vis Spectrometer
5.80″W x 7.80″D x 2.60″H
Optosky ATP3040 is a low-noise, high-resolution, uncooled spectrometer. It employs 4096pixels CCD se..
200-1100nm Low-noise Spectrometer
200-1000nm High-resolution UV-Vis Spectrometer
5.80″W x 7.80″D x 2.60″H
Optosky ATP3000 is a low-noise, high-resolution, uncooled spectrometer. It employs 2048pixels CCD se..
200-1000nm High-sensitivity & High-resolution UV-Vis Spectrometer
Optosky ATP5020 UV-Vis Spectrometer employs the ultra-high performance, high-sensitivity, high resol..
200-1000nm High-sensitivity UV-Vis Spectrometer
200-1000nm High-sensitivity UV-Vis Spectrometer
13.00″W x 16.90″D x 5.00″H
ATP5001 fiber optic spectrometer is a high-performance and high-sensitivity. It uses 2048 pixels CCD..
200-1100nm Low-noise Spectrometer
200-1000nm High-speed UV-Vis Spectrometer
5.80″W x 7.80″D x 2.60″H
Optosky ATP2000H UV-Vis spectrometer is a low-noise, high-performance, high flame speed(Available in..
200-1100nm Low-noise Spectrometer
200-1000nm Miniature UV-Vis Spectrometer
1.60″W x 2.00″D x 1.00″H
ATP1000 is ultra-miniature size, and it uses a 1500pixels linear CCD with a wavelength of 200-1100nm..
200-1100nm Low-noise Spectrometer
200-1000nm Popular UV-Vis Spectrometer
5.80″W x 7.80″D x 2.60″H
Optosky ATP2000P has a low-noise, high-performance, and cost-effective. The sensor used 2048 pixel C..
200-1000nm, 4096pixels, High-sensitivity & High-resolution, UV-Vis Spectrometer
Optosky ATP5040 uses 4096pixels, other parameters almost the same as ATP5020, it employs the ultra-h..
900-2600nm NIR Spectrometer
900-2600nm NIR Spectrometer
13.00″W x 16.90″D x 5.00″H
  Optosky ATP8000 is designed for 900-2600nm NIR, miniature optic fiber spectrometer. It employs 256..
Mid IR Spectrometer
Mid IR Spectrometer
3.90″W x 6.50″D x 2.00″H
ATP8200 MID-IR spectrometer developed by Optosky, and it employs Pyroelectric linear array sensor, l..
Scientific-class UV-Vis Spectrometer
Scientific-class UV-Vis Spectrometer
13.00″W x 16.90″D x 5.00″H
Optosky ATP6500 Fiber Optic Spectrometer employs ultra-high performance, scientific class, 2048 x 64..
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