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ATP2700 high-sensitivity micro-spectrometer is a high-sensitivity, high-transmittance micro-fiber spectrometer. It adopts a high-efficiency optical system design, which makes its sensitivity 3-4 times stronger    than conventional fiber optic spectrometers. It adopts a large numerical aperture optical design, which can All   photons in the optical fiber (numerical aperture 0.22) are accepted. This makes it especially suitable for the analysis of low-light signals, such as gas analysis Raman spectrometers, fluorescence spectrometers, etc.

ATP2700 adopts high-sensitivity linear CMOS. Optosky specially customized ultra-low noise   CMOS signal processing circuit, which greatly reduces the noise of the sensor and obtains an excellent signal-to-noise ratio (about 2 times higher than that of  similar competitors). Its sensor is a 2048-pixel CCD,    and the frame rate of CCD signal acquisition can reach up to 4Kfps.

It outputs spectral data to PC via USB 2.0 or RS232 interface. ATP2700 works with +5VDC power supply provided by USB.

ATP2700 can also be equipped with other types of detectors, such as cooled detectors (ATP5700), cooled   area array back-illuminated detectors (ATP5700P, ATP5700R), deep-cooled -70°C detectors (ATP5700DC), to obtain better performance.





Standard type


Ultra-high frame rate, the frame rate can reach 4Kfps


Ultra-low noise, the noise is only 1/6 of ATP2700

Detector type Linear COMS
Spectral range 185-1100 nm
Effective pixels 2048
Pixels dimension 14μm×200μm
Optical parameter
Focal distance 40 mm for incidence / 60 mm for output
Optical resolution 0.1-3 nm (depending on slit, spectral range)
Incident Interface SMA905 connector
Signal-to-noise >450 : 1
Dynamic range 8.5e7, 2000:1 (single acquisition)
Wavelength range 185-1100nm(depending on the specific needs)
SNR >450:1
Physical parameters
Dimensions 171.5×70×48 mm^3
Weight 0.27kg
Optical configuration
Optical design F/2 crossed asymmetrical Czerny-Turner
Incident slit 50 μm, other sizes can be customized
Electrical parameter
A/D conversion resolution 16 bits
Integration time 0.2ms-60s
Interface USB 2.0 (high speed)
Supply voltage DC4.5 to 5.5 V (type @5V)
Operating current 370mA
Storage temperature -30°C to +70°C
Operating temperature -25°c to + 50°c
  • High sensitivity, high transmittance.
  • >0.22 super large numerical aperture, can   completely receive the photons of the fiber.
  • Maximum signal acquisition frame rate: ≥4000 fps.
  • Detector: Linear low-noise CMOS or area array CCD.
  • Detector pixels: 2048 pixels.
  • Spectral resolution: 0. 1-3 nm (depending on spectral range and slit width).
  • Integration time: 0.2ms-60s.
  • Power supply: DC 5V (USB power supply).
  • ADC: 16bit, 10MSPS.
  • Fiber input interface: SMA905.
  • Data output interface: USB2.0 (High speed) or UART.
  • 20-pin double-row programmable external expansion interface.
  • Raman spectrometer
  • Industrial Measurement Sensor LED Spectrophotometer
  • Fluorescence photometer
  • Transmittance detection
  • Reflectivity detection
  • UV gas analyzer
  • Multi-parameter water quality analyzer

What are Low Cost spectrometer from Optosky?

ATP1XXX & ATP2XXX belongs to low cost spectrometer.

ATP1000 350-1100nm, replace STS

ATP1010 180-1100nm, replace STS and UV enhanced

ATP1012 Xenon lamp driver built-in upgrade from ATP1010

ATP2000P 180-1100nm, higher performance than USB2000+

ATP2000H high speed rate up to 2K or 4K Hz

ATP2002 Xenon lamp driver built-in upgrade from ATP2000P

ATP2100 highest SNR, wave shape can be edited

ATP2110 Water quality analysis spectrometer

ATP2200 180-1100nm, compete with Flame

ATP2400 ultra thin, smaller than USB2000+ performance higher, replace USB2000+

How many topology structure of optical path for a spectrometer?

There are commonly divided into 4 types of optical path, including crossed C-T, M-shape C-T, concave grating optical path, transmittance grating opitcal path.

Crossed C-T: ATP2000P,ATP2002, ATP2400, ATP1010, ATP5020P, ATP5040, ATP6500

M-shape C-T: ATP3030, ATP3034, ATP3330/4 ATP5030, ATP5034, ATP5330/4 

Concave grating: ATP4230, ATP4020, ATP4050, ATP4070

let's see the M-shape optical path looks like a number "3", so our models uses the 3rd number "3" to indicate M-shape optical path models.

In generally, topology structure can decide resolution, sensitivity, stray light, and size of a spectrometer.

Crossed C-T topology structure employs better sensitivity and compact size.

M-shape C-T employs higher resolution and better stray light.

Concave grating optical path employs high stray light.

Which modular spectrometer can replace Ocean Insight FLAME-S-VIS-NIR-ES?

Optosky ATP2000 have same performance as Ocean Insight FLAME-S-VIS-NIR-ES, with integration time 1ms-65s, 2048 pixels.

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