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ATP2000P Popular UV-Vis Spectrometer
Optosky ATP2000P has a low-noise, high-performance, and cost-effective. The sensor used 2048 pixel C..
ATP2000H High Flame Speed
Optosky ATP2000H UV-Vis spectrometer is a low-noise, high-performance, high flame speed(>2k fps)...
High-speed miniature spectrometer
ATP2000SH high-speed micro-spectrometer is a low-noise, high-performance, high-speed, miniature fibe..
ATP2002 UV VIS spectrophotometer spectrometer
Optosky ATP2002 built in pulsed xenon driver has a low-noise, high-performance, and cost-effective. ..
High Sensitivity & Transmission Gratings Micro Spectrometer
ATP2700 high-sensitivity micro-spectrometer is a high-sensitivity, high-transmittance micr..
Ultra-low Noise Micro Spectrometer
With 20 years of experience in the development of optic..
ATP2400 High PPR spectrometer
ATP2400, which has built-in pulsed xenon lamp drive circuits, adopts high sensitivity linear CMOS, a..
Micro Spectrometer
ATP2500 high-speed micro spectrometer is an ultra-high frame rate, low-noise、Acoustic, high performa..
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