What is a Mid-IR spectrometer?

The mid-infrared spectrometer self-developed by Optosky with models wavelengths range of 2.5-5um, 5.5-11um with a resolution of 30nm, 50nm. It employs a 256pixels pyroelectric linear array sensor, all-solid-state design, high reliable optical bench design, reliable measurement.

What is a Mid-IR spectrometer used for?

1st The Environmental Monitoring of stack emissions, such as SO2,CO,CO2 etc. 
2nd, Defense & Security detection of TNT,Acetone, TATP, VX, Sarin etc. 
3rd, Life Sciences of NH3, SF6, ethylene etc. 
4th, Industrial Process Monitoring for gas, liquid, or solid
5th, Biomedical, such as protein  analysis, blood analysis, urine analysis
6th, Petrochemistry
7th, pharmaceutical industry 

What does a Mid-IR spectrometer tell you?
The mid-infrared spectrometer is used to identify various materials and measure absorbance, luminance & transmittance, reflectance measurement etc.

How much does a Mid-IR spectrometer cost?
The Mid-IR spectrometer prices range USD15,000~25,000

How does a mid-ir spectrometer work?

Mid-infared spectrometer employs 256pxiels, pyroelectric linear array sensor, all-solid state design, high reliable optical bench, and sensor installation, low noise CCD signal, CDS circuit leading in the industry. It can receive free space light via Type-C and 5VDC to connect USB.

How to choose a mid-IR spectrometer?

Consult Optosky technicians, and select required wavelengths, OEM project requirement.

Where to buy a mid-ir spectrometer?

Optosky mid-ir spectrometer can only received customized order, and lead time is 12 weeks, it's not available in stock. Place an order to Optosky, local distributors contact, online inquiry or contact sales person.

Why choose optosky mid-r spectrometer?

1st, Optosky is a professional manufacturer with 20-Year experience in developing spectrometers ranging 155nm-11um.
2nd, We are well-established brand for high performance value added high tech.
3rd, Low cost manufacturer with industry leading warranty guarantee and technical support.
4th, OEM manufacturing capabilities to work closely with project requirements.
5th, A full range of spectrometers ranging uv, vis, nir, mid-ir

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Mid-IR Spectrometer employs smart size, and it employs 256pixels pyroelectric linear array sensor, a..
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