Jan 07

Application Of Raman Spectroscopy In Food Quality And Safety Inspection

  With the development of the social economy, people eat more and more abundant foods, and their ingredients and varieties have great differences. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to food safety. In the process of food safety inspection, Raman spectroscopy technology can detect pesticides and oil content in food, but it still requires in-depth research by technicians to improve the effectiveness of Raman spectroscopy technology in food inspection.

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Jan 06

Raman Spectrometer Play The Important Role In Graphene Related Experiments.

  A portable Raman spectrometer was developed according to the features of fabricated SERS ding to the features of fabricated SERS chips. With the Raman signal enhancement of graphene SERS chips, the Raman spectrometer can realize the detection of trace substances with low cost and fast speed, which is a powerful tool and fast speed, which is a powerful tool for food testing, disease diagnosis and environment monitoring.

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Jan 05

Specific Application Of Dual-band Portable Raman Spectrometer

  With the rapid development of industrial activities, the green and environmentally friendly methods for the treatment of metal pollution and the recycling of resources have received extensive interest. Thermosensitive ion-imprinted material which has the advantages of sensitivity and ion-imprinting technology is potential in processing heavy metal pollution and exploitation of rare metal resources.

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Jan 04

Research On Key Technology Of Near-Infrared Cerebral Hematoma Detection Using ATP2000 Spectrometer

  Traumatic brain injuries are commonly seen and have high mortality.  Cerebral hematoma is acknowledged as the most hazardous secondary lesion, requiring timely diagnosis and treatment.  During the war,  natural disasters, and traffic accidents,  the seasonable arrival of medical equipment remains a  tricky problem,  thus leading to the rescue equipment deficiency.

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Dec 28

How to Study on the Influence of Wavelength and Low Temperature on COD Detection by Ultraviolet Spectroscopy?

COD represents the degree of water pollution by reducing substances,compared with the traditional method to detect COD,the detection time is long and the operation is complicated. Ultraviolet spectroscopy has become a mainstream detection method due to its fast detection sped and no need for chemical reagents. So we can use ultraviolet spectroscopy to detect the effects of wavelength and low temperature in COD through a UV fiber spectrometer.

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