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Airdborne Hyperspectral Imaging System
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    ATH9500 is a series of small, light-weight Airborne miniature hyperspectral imaging system, consisting of a six-rotor high-stability UAV, high-stability gimbal, hyperspectral imager, large-capacity storage system, wireless imaging system, GPS navigation system, ground receiving workstation, ground control system, etc.

    The ATH9500 uses high-performance CCD imaging devices with clear imaging and low noise; the internal integration of an original high-compression ratio image compression algorithm greatly improves the storage life, which can reach more than 3 hours, which fully meets the needs of airborne.

    ATH9500 can be used to measure the spectral information of plants, water bodies, soil and other ground objects in real time, and obtain spectral images. By analyzing the spectral images, it can establish relationships with the physical and chemical properties of plants, etc., for plant classification and plant growth status research.

    The entire system is compact in design, the mainframe of the imaging spectrometer has high spectral resolution, and at the same time, it adopts an external push-broom imaging method. It can form an independent measurement system with the field rotating platform and the indoor linear scanning platform. It can also be mounted on drones for aerial remote sensing operations. 

Type InGaAs SWIR Detector
Optosky Optical Parameters
Spectral Range 1000-1700nm
Spatial Channels 640
Spectral Channels 512
Frame Rate 240fps
Bit Depth 14bits
Scan range 0-280mm
Calibrated Reflectance 50%
Optosky Electrical Parameters
Power supply 12V±10%, 5W
Battery life span 4 hours
Storage Temp. -20-65 ℃
Operating Temp. -10-40 ℃
Working humidity ≤85% RH
RAM 500GB, SD cord
Optosky Physical Parameters
Weight 520g
UAV System
Drone Luxury Six Rotor Drone customized with load hour > 45 minutes
Cloud Platform High stable Cloud platform driven by 3-Phase BLDC Motor
Rotor No. Six Rotors
Lift Take off and land vertically
Wheelbase 1500 mm
Max base 6 Kg
Max altitude 5000 m
Drone size 1650 X 1410 X 500 mm
Basic Functions Flexible setting of exposure, gain, speed, dynamic display of real-time hyperspectral image and hyperspectral curve.
Focus adjust Dynamic real-time display of hyperspectral images, scientific light and dark focusing, avoiding artificial visual focusing errors.
Software Functions Data acquisition software can dynamically display hyperspectral images and hyperspectral curves in real time; it can provide measurement modes such as transmission and reflection, and can flexibly set parameters such as exposure time and speed. It comes with a spectral library and a user-recorded library, which can realize image cutting, spectrogram recognition and other functions
  • Spectral Range: 400-5300 (Customized)
  • Max. Spatial Channels: 2048x2048 (Different by model)
  • Max. Spectral Channels: 1088 (Different by model)
  • Superior imaging performance
  • Compatible with ENVI;
  • Weight: <4kg (Different by model)
  • Built-in smart calibration white version;
  • High-definition VIS camera, capable of image fusion;

  • Geological and mineral resources prospecting;
  • Precision agriculture, crop growth and yield evaluation;
  • Forest pest monitoring and fire prevention monitoring;
  • Coastline and marine environment monitoring;
  • Pasture productivity and pasture monitoring;
  • Environmental monitoring of lakes and river basins;
  • Remote sensing teaching and research;
  • Meteorological research;
  • Ecological environment protection and mine environment monitoring;
  • Water quality testing, soil monitoring;
  • Quality inspection of agricultural and livestock products; military, national defense and homeland security; disaster prevention and control;

What is Hyperspectral Imaging Camera?

Hyperspectral imaging Camera, or imaging spectroscopy, combines the functions of imaging camera and spectroscopy. A hyperspectral camera acquires the spectrum for each pixel in an image of the scenes.


What does Hyperspectral Imaging Camera used for?

Hyperspectral Imaging Camera are used for applications in astronomy, agriculture, molecular biology, biomedical imaging, geosciences, physics, environment,and monitoring. Hyperspectral imaging camera takes pictures of objects spectrum with unique 'fingerprints', it enable identification of the materials. Like spectral fingerprint of oil helps geologists locate new oil fields.


What does Hyperspectral Imaging Camera tell you?

The hyperspectral imaging provides much more color information in details than a normal camera,which leads to differentiate from objects in the scene. Hyperspectral imaging is used to find objects, identify materials, or detect processes.  


How much does Hyperspectral Imaging Camera cost?

OPTOSKY manufactures hyperspectral imaging camera 400-1000nm prices range USD45,000~49,800.


How to choose a Hyperspectral Imaging Camera?

Compare FOV,spatial dimensions, weight,optical performance,size, and cost etc.


Where to buy Hyperspectral Imaging Camera?

Buy from local distributor of OPTOSKY,online shopping or inquire us.


Why Chosse Optosky Hyperspectral Imaging Camera?

1.Optosky F2.4, FOV is larger than that of competitors

2.Spatial dimension 14mm

3.Lightweight 1500 g, 950g, 650g

4.High optical performance

5.Compact size:300x70 x70mm;300x60x60mm;270x50x50mm

6.Low cost

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