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ATP9200 series broadband fiber optic spectrometer is the latest product of Optosky, with the widest wavelength range up to 200nm~2500nm, suitable for applications in various fields such as physics, optoelectronics, materials, and biology.

The ATP9200 series broadband fiber optic spectrometer uses multiple spectrometers of different bands to combine to form an ultra-wide band spectrometer. At the same time, it has better spectral resolution, has the characteristics of high cost performance, fast and accurate measurement, simple operation, and convenient portability. Equipped with a powerful software package, in addition to measuring spectral signals, it can also be used for reflectance and transmittance measurements, as well as radiometric, photometric and colorimetric measurements.

ATP9200 can receive external acquisition trigger signal for synchronous optical signal acquisition.

ATP9200 can receive SMA905 fiber input light or free space light, and output the measured spectral data through USB2.0.



ATP9200- 17


wavelength range 200- 1700nm


wavelength range 200-2500nm

Detector type Area array back-illuminated CCD/ InGaAs sensor
Detector model 200~1100nm:2048 pixel; 1100~1700nm: InGaAs 512 pixel Two-stage TEC refrigeration; 1100~2500nm: InGaAs 512 pixel Two-stage TEC refrigeration
Optical parameter
Accuracy ± 0.5nm @ VIS; ± 1.1 nm @ SWIR; ± 5nm @ MWIR
Spectral average times Up to 10 0,000 times
Wavelength range ATP9200-17: 200-1700 nm ATP9200-25: 200-2500nm
SNR 200~1000nm:>2000, 1000~2500nm:>16000
Optosky Optical Parameters
Spectral Sampling Interval Visible light: 0.4nm ATP9200-17: 1.5 nm ATP9200-25: 2.0 nm
Wavelength Repeatability ± 0.1nm @ VIS; ± 0.5nm @ SWIR; ± 3nm @ MWIR
Physical parameters
Dimensions 330×250×155 mm
Weight 7.45Kg
Electrical parameter
Data output interface USB 2.0
Power supply External 12V
Working current ATP9200-17: 2.5 A ATP9200-25: 3.5 A
Working humidity < 90% RH
Integration time 1ms ~ 10 s
Resolution 0.9~1.3nm@756nm ATP9200-17: 3~5nm@1400nm ATP9200-25: 7~12nm@1400&2100nm
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
  • The array combination of multiple spectrometers has the characteristics of wide band and high resolution..\
  • Linear array back-illuminated CCD/ InGaAs sensor.
  • Maximum spectral range: 200-2500nm.
  • Number of bands: 2060 bands.
  • Integration time: 1ms ~ 10s.
  • Built-in anti-secondary diffraction coating and filter, high accuracy.
  • High sensitivity, the quantum efficiency of the detector can reach up to 60%, and the near-infrared sensitivity is 40% higher than that of traditional PDA detectors.
  • Dynamic dark current correction to reduce the influence of thermal noise.
  • Portable, special carrying case, easy to carry.
  • Power supply: DC 12V±10% @ <5A.
  • Optical input interface:  optical fiber input or free space input.
  • Support external trigger synchronous acquisition.
  • Data output interface: USB 2.0.
  • PC software control mode.
  • Plasma signal
  • Photoelectric signal analysis
  • Spectral signal analysis in various fields
What are NIR spectrometer from Optosky?

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