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532 nm Narrow band Laser
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ATR20532 532nm narrow line laser is characteristic by its high reliability and ultra-narrow line-width. ATR20532 operates with a single 5V power supply and can output 300 mW laser power. When ATR20532 is used in Raman spectrometer, it will help to obtain high spectral stability and high resolution. It can be controlled through the TTL interface by the offered pin-out definition and the communication protocol. The output laser power can be changed continuously by changing the LD working current with the commands. 

Categories: Accessories, Laser

Output Power: 1-300 mW

Line Width (FWHM): < 0.1 nm

Power Stability: <3%

Operating Temp:-0℃--45℃(case body temp)

Storage Temp:-40℃-85℃

Categories: Accessories, Laser

Raman spectrometer



Categories: Accessories, Laser

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