What are Raman Probes?

Raman probes are devices that use fibers to deliver the excitation laser beam to the sample and collect the signal, allowing for more flexibility with the sample holder. Raman probes can be adjusted to have additional probe tips for adjusting working distances as well as be designed for high temperature and pressure environments. Since Raman scattering happens in all directions, some signal will be present at 0° to be collected. The probe also has special filters inside to remove any of the excitation wavelength that is reflected back.

Why choose Optosky Raman Probes?

OPTOSKY designed high-performance Raman probe in gun-type and simple-type for Raman system.

OPTOSKY ATR20107 & ATR20105 Raman probe are designed for the excitation laser of 532nm, 785 nm, 830nm, 1064nm etc. It can be used to test liquid, powder and solid state samples.

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High-performance Raman Probe Gun for 785nm,1064nm,532nm,830nm,473nm
Optosky Raman Probe includes two models of ATR20105 and ATR20107. ATR20107 Raman Probe Gun is d..
Raman Probe for 785nm,1064nm,532nm,830nm,473nm
Raman Probe for 785nm,1064nm,532nm,830nm,473nm
2.00″W x 6.00″D x 2.00″H
Optosky Raman Probe includes two models of ATR20105 and ATR20107. ATR20105 Common Raman Probe i..
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