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VIS-NIR Handheld Light Source
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The ATG1600 halogen light source is a versatile light source ideal for VIS-NIR (360 nm-2500 nm). It features a built-in 20W high-power halogen lamp and utilizes the latest international constant current drive technology to achieve high-stability power output.

The ATG1600 provides output through either fiber optics or free space, with the fiber optic interface being SMA905. The light source uses an original imported spectrum-grade halogen bulb from Osram, Germany, known for its high luminous efficiency, compact size, ease of control, excellent color temperature and color rendering, long lifespan, low light decay, and high output power. It is widely applicable in traditional desktop spectroscopic instruments and portable field micro-spectroscopic instruments.




Standard model


Built-in lithium battery


Built-in integrating sphere and lithium battery

Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
Tags: ATG
Light Source
Light Output Drift < 5‰ per hour
Working Temperature -20~45 ℃
Power Requirements
Bulb Power
Lifespan 5000 hours
Bulb Illumination 180 lm
Color Temperature 3000k
Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
Tags: ATG

    • Constant current drive with high stability
    • Drift less than 5‰ per hour
    • Long lifespan of up to 5000 hours
    • 20W high power
    • Built-in reflectance probe
    • Wide spectrum, 360-2500nm
    • Comes with a handle

    Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
    Tags: ATG

      • Infrared Spectrophotometer 
      • Reflectance Analysis
      • Medical immunoassay analysis
      • Air pollution analysis
      • Water pollution analysis
      • Automated industry

      Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
      Tags: ATG

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