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ATG3300 is a monochromatic light source that adjusts the output wavelength based on a monochromator and combines different optional light sources. It has the characteristics of wide operating band range, strong energy, good monochromaticity, and strong flexibility. Its light intensity, stability mainly depend on the stability of the light source itself.

ATG3300 uses the ATP7330-FL350 high-stability monochromator, which uses a typical asymmetrical non-crossed spectroscopic optical path and has three built-in gratings with different line numbers. By selecting different gratings, the  ATG3300 can work in high-resolution spectroscopic mode, medium resolution mode or low resolution spectroscopic mode.

The working band of the ATG3300 light source mainly depends on the selected light source and has a perfect spectral curve. ATG3300 can output light from SMA905 or free space. It has been precisely adjusted to connect to the optical fiber with maximum light flux. ATG3300 can also output light sources in free space.

The ATG3300 can realize any adjustment of the output wavelength and is easy to control. It can be widely used as a light source for various optical experiments.




Equipped with a general resolution monochromator, focal length 210mm


Equipped with high-resolution monochromator, focal length 350mm

Categories: Accessories
  • Band: 350-2500nm.
  • Supports there working modes: high resolution mode, medium resolution mode, low resolution mode.
  • Ultra long life: >4000 hours.
  • High stability, no more than 1% drift per hour.
  • Small volume.
  • Warm-up time: 30 s.
Categories: Accessories
  • Online spectral measurement
  • Online absorbance analysis
  • Online reflectivity analysis
  • Automated industry
  • Photoelectrochemical testing
  • Solar cell testing
  • Transmittance/Reflectance Analysis
Categories: Accessories

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