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Liquid Cell for Transmission & Fluorescence Spectroscopy
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The ATG2200 Dual-purpose Measurement Cell for Transmission and Fluorescence Spectroscopy by Optosky integrates both transmission and fluorescence spectroscopy measurements into a single, multifunctional measurement cell. Utilizing advanced optical design and precise manufacturing processes, it provides users with an efficient and accurate spectral analysis solution.

The ATG2200 employs an LED light source capable of covering a wide wavelength range to meet the specific wavelength requirements of various experiments. Additionally, the LED light source of this measurement cell features rapid response and stable output power characteristics. It quickly and reliably provides the required illumination, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of spectral data.

The ATG2200 dual-purpose measurement cell allows for independent switching of transmission and fluorescence LEDs, enabling users to flexibly select the desired spectral measurement mode according to their needs, significantly enhancing experimental flexibility and efficiency.

With a lifespan of up to 1000 hours and up to 3 years in intermittent operation mode, the ATG2200 offers long life, low light decay, and high output power.

When paired with fiber optic spectrometers produced by Optosky, the ATG2200 dual-purpose measurement cell can directly perform transmission absorption and fluorescence spectral measurements of cuvettes or filters.

Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
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Light Source
Working Temperature -10 ℃ - 40 ℃
Sample Chamber Dimensions 14.5mm x 14.5mm x 67mm
Optical Output SMA905 interface
Working Humidity 5-95% non-condensing
LED Power 3W
Wavelength Range 380-840nm
Peak-to-Peak Stability <0.005% at 250 nm
Drift +/-0.5% per hour at 250 nm ; per hour at 250 nm 40 minutes
Bulb Life 1000 hours
Battery Capacity 1800MAh
Max Charging Current 1.8A
Charging Voltage 4.2-5V
Working Current 1±0.2A
Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
Tags: ATG

    • White LED Output: 380-840nm
    • Compact Size, Low Power Consumption: Suitable for mobile use
    • No Warm-up Required: Instant on, stable operation
    • Supports Intermittent Operation Mode
    • Energy Repeatability: Better than 0.1%
    • Ease of Operation: User-friendly design, simple and convenient to operate
    • Long Lifespan: >1000 hours; can last over 3 years in intermittent operation
    • Fiber or Free-space Output:SMA905 interface
    • Optical Fiber Recommendation: Use UV-resistant quartz optical fiber produced by Optosky

    Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
    Tags: ATG

      • Chemical Analysis
      • Material Testing
      • Biology: Biological Sciences
      • Laboratory
      • Environment: Multi-parameter Water Quality Analysis
      • Portable Spectrometer

      Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
      Tags: ATG

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