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360-2500nm Tungsten Halogen Light Source
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ATG1002 tungsten halogen light source is multi-purpose light source suit to VIS-NIR (360 nm-2500nm). It features adjustable focusing of the SMA 905 connector to maximize light coupling into the fiber. The light source uses a spectral-class halogen lamp, excellent lamp wire encapsulation, it can ensure the lifespan of every halogen lamp, and effectively reduce the frequency of lamp replacement.
ATG1002 features a high-power lamp delivering 20 W of power. Our halogen light source uses the lamp made by German Osram with a feature of high-efficiency, smart size,convenient-to-control, excellent color temperature, and color attributes, long lifespan, low light wane, large output power,etc, and it can extend operation to 4,000hrs. 
It can widely apply to classical benchtop spectrometer and field portable spectrometer. 

Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
Optical parameter
Connector Industrial PCB connector, 5.08-2P
Color temperature 3000k
Drift of optical output < 5‰ per hour
Light Source life 4000 hours
Electrical parameter
luminous flux 55lm
Power supply 5W or 20W
Power voltage 12V/500mA
Operating temperature -20-45℃
Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
  • Smart size
  • 5W,20W optional
  • Industrial level of PCB connector 5.08-2P
  • Long lifetime>4000hrs
  • High stability, spectral shift ≤5‰ per hours.
  • Broad spectrum, 360-2500nm
  • Accurate luminance position±0.127 
  • Light intensity adjustable
Categories: Accessories, Light Sources

  • VIS, IR spectrophotometer
  • Fluorescence analysis
  • Chemical immunology analysis
  • Air pollution analysis
  • Waste water analysis
  • Microscope illumination
  • Industrial automation 
Categories: Accessories, Light Sources

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