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Optosky's ATG1022 deuterium-halogen combination light source adopts the latest international element lamp technology and solves the problem that deuterium and halogen lamps need to be preheated for half an hour. The ATG1022 deuterium-halogen combination light does not require preheating and is stable as soon as it is turned on. It improves work efficiency and can meet the intermittent working needs of many online instruments.

ATG1022 adopts deuterium-halogen combination lamp technology, the energy output stability exceeds 0.1%, and supports intermittent output. Its performance far exceeds the pulse xenon lamp, and can completely replace the pulse xenon lamp (energy stability is about 2%).

ATG1022 deuterium-halogen combination lamp, the deuterium lamp and the halogen lamp can be turned on and off separately, or the dark current can be measured through the built-in electric shutter.

The service life of ATG1022 is up to 1000 hours. In intermittent working mode, the working time can be up to more than 3 years. It has the characteristics of long life, small light attenuation and high output power. It can be widely used in traditional portable spectrometer instruments and on-site online miniature spectroscopic instrument.

The ATG1022 deuterium-halogen combination lamp can be used with the optical fiber spectrometer generated by Optosky and is equipped with a cuvette holder to directly perform transmission and absorption of cuvettes or filters.


Categories: Accessories
Optical parameter
Wavelength range 180-1100nm
Physical parameters
Dimensions 80 mm x 175 mm x 50 mm
Weight 450g (ATG1022) / 650g (ATG1022-HP)
system parameter
Operating temperature 5∽35℃
Humidity Range 5-95%
Warm-up time No preheating required
Electrical parameter
Power port SMA905 fiber output
Categories: Accessories

    • Full wavelength output: 200-1100 nm (185nm optional)
    • Small size, low power consumption
    • No preheating required
    • Support intermittent working mode
    • Energy repeatability is better than 0.1%
    • Built-in electric shutter
    • Long life: >2000 hours; when working intermittently, the life can be up to more than 3 years
    • Fiber optic or free space output
    • Optical fiber: It is recommended to use UV-resistant quartz optical fiber produced by Optosky
    Categories: Accessories
    • UV smoke analyzer
    • Online water quality analyzer
    • Other online monitoring instruments
    • Portable Spectroscopic Instruments
    • Scientific research laboratory
    • Multi-parameter water quality analysis
    • Environmental protection equipment
    Categories: Accessories

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