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Xenon Light Source
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Most photochemical experiments require simulating sunlight. The ATG1035 xenon light source has a spectrum similar to sunlight, with an output wavelength range of 220~2200nm. ATG1035 xenon lamp system is a high optical power full-band light source with continuous wavelength distribution. Imported xenon bulbs and module heat dissipation technology are used to ensure concentrated and stable transmission of light energy. The high-efficiency coupling SMA905 interface output facilitates the effective use of light in experiments; a variety of optional accessories improve the convenience of experiments. Can load multiple specifications of filters, etc.




50W power xenon lamp


100W power xenon lamp


150W power xenon lamp

Categories: Accessories
Optical parameter
Wavelength range 200nm-2200nm
Light Source life ≥1000hrs
Optional accessories UV-resistant optical fiber, narrow-band filter, collimating lens
Dimensions 120×220×325mm
Weight ATG1035-50: 4Kg ATG1035-100: 4.1Kg ATG1035-150: 4.2Kg
Electrical parameter
Fiber interface SMA905
Input voltage 220V/50Hz
Xenon lamp power ATG1035-50: 50W ATG1035-100: 100W ATG1035-150: 150W
Categories: Accessories
  • High Power Output: High power light source dedicated for fluorescence.
  • UV-visible range: Covers the spectrum from 220-2200nm.
  • Modular heat dissipation method extends the service life of the lamp, at least 1000H.
  • Efficient electro-optical conversion efficiency can continuously output high-energy parallel light.
  • Simple optical structure, adjustable light intensity output, and different wavelengths and bands can be selected to meet diverse use needs.
  • The modular design greatly improves the safety and stability of the product.
  • High energy density and long-term continuous irradiation can be achieved.
  • Rich optional accessories and multi-purpose expansion.
Categories: Accessories
  • Spectral application analysis
  • Photocatalytic
  • Photolysis of water to produce hydrogen
  • Photochemical catalysis and synthesis
  • Photodegradable pollutants
  • Water pollution treatment
  • Bolighting
  • Optical detection
  • Research fields such as various simulated sunlight, visible light and ultraviolet band accelerated experiments
Categories: Accessories

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