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ATG1100 Halogen Tungsten light source is a multi-purpose light source, most suitable for VIS-NIR (360nm-2500 nm). The light source has a built-in 100W high-power high-blue halogen lamp and adopts the latest international constant current drive technology to achieve high and stable power output. ATG1100 Halogen Tungsten light source is output through optical fiber or free space, and the optical interface is SMA905. The light source adopts the spectrum-grade special halogen bulb imported from Germany Osram. It has the characteristics of high light efficiency, small size, easy control, good color temperature and color rendering, long life, low light attenuation, and high output power. It can be widely used Traditional desktop spectrometer and on-site portable miniature spectrometer.
ATG1100 Halogen Tungsten light source can adjust the output power through the knob, and the required power has been obtained.
The ATG1100 Halogen Tungsten light source can be equipped with a cuvette holder, which can directly perform the transmission and absorption of the cuvette or filter.
Categories: Accessories
Tags: Light Source
Physical parameters
Weight 4.6kg
system parameter
Dimensions 345×223×135 mm
Built-in light source 100W spectrum Halogen Lamp
Color temperature 5000k
Drift of optical output < 0.5% per hours
Light Source life >2000 hours
Light source output SMA905 optical fiber interface
Maximum output optical power 6.3W
Output optical power adjustment method Rotary Switches
Electrical parameter
Power supply 100~240V / 1A
Operating temperature -25°C to +60°C
Categories: Accessories
Tags: Light Source
  • Broad spectrum:360~2500nm
  • Built-in 100W Halogen lamp
  • Constant current high blue spectrum output;
  • High-efficiency and low-loss optical coupling
  • Long lifetime>2000hrs
  • High stability, spectral shift ≤0.5% per hours
  • Adjustable output light intensity
  • Good heat dissipation performance to ensure continuous and stable power output
Categories: Accessories
Tags: Light Source
  • Spectroscopic on-line measurements
  • Absorbance analysis
  • Reflectivity analysis
  • Industrial automation
  • Photochemical testing
  • Solar cell testing
  • Transmission/reflectivity analysis
Categories: Accessories
Tags: Light Source

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