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ATG1300 is a UV-visible-infrared light source system with fast response speed, small size and high stability. It is earthquake-resistant, impact-resistant and has strong performance, which can fully ensure the consistency of experimental conditions. Achieving high stability, high uniformity and no flicker. 

The mercury-argon light source has the characteristics of high light efficiency, small size, easy control, good color temperature and color rendering, long life, small light attenuation, and high output power. It can be widely used in traditional desktop spectroscopic instruments and on-site portable Miniature spectroscopic instrument.

ATG1300 light source has a perfect spectral curve. It can output light from SMA905 or free space. It has been precisely adjusted to connect to the optical fiber with maximum light flux. ATG1300 can also output light sources in free space.

Categories: Accessories
Optical parameter
Wavelength range 253-1700nm
Physical parameters
Dimensions 164 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm
Weight 85g
Light Source life 5000 hours
Electrical parameter
Fiber interface SMA905 fiber or free space
Input voltage 12V
Output current Constant current
Output power About 3W
Power port DC interface
Operating temperature 0°C to 70°C
Categories: Accessories
  • Band: 253-1700 nm.
  • Long life: 5000 hours.
  • High stability, drift no more than 0.2% per hour.
  • Small volume.
  • Warm-up time: 30 s.
  • The lighting position is precise, the position is ±0.127.
  • Light intensity output: 0-100% linear adjustment.

Categories: Accessories
  • Spectrum online measurement
  • Automated industry
  • Photoelectrochemical testing
  • Solar cell testing
Categories: Accessories

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