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1000-5000nm Mid-IR Light Source
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Mid-IR Light Source is used exclusively for Mid-IR spectrum measurement spectral range between 1000-5000nm. The product complement to Mid-IR analyzer, especially suit to high-intensity IR spectral measurement.

Wavelength vs Intensity

Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
Optical parameter
Trigger Trigger/shutter input signal: TTL Trigger/shutter connection: SUB-D-15 pin
Wavelength range 1000-5000 nm
Physical parameters
Dimensions 12.7x12.7x11.5 cm3
Light Source life 2,000 hours (typical)
Electrical parameter
Power supply 50 W
Power voltage 5A, 24V
Light source silicon nitride
Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
  • Suit to Mid-IR light source range(1000-5000nm)
  • Manual or TTL activation
  • External trigger pulse modulation(between 2-5 Hz)
  • Products include:
  • Power input
Categories: Accessories, Light Sources
  • Environmental Protection Instruments
  • UV CEMS & Gas Analyzer
  • Water Quality Analyzer
  • Scientific Research Lab
Categories: Accessories, Light Sources

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