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UV-VIS-NIR Microspectrophotometer
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UV-VIS-NIR Microspectrophotometer, or Microscope spectrophotometer combines advantages of microscope and spectrophotometer in order to measure spectra and colorimetry analysis of microscopic samples or microscopic areas of larger samples. It can measure the reflectance, transmission, fluorescence and other emission spectra, Raman scattering, and polarization.
ATP9310 series is self-developed microspectrophotometer by Optosky brand. Its built-in high stable light source, high resolution spectrometer, and it goes through objectives to microscopic samples on microscope platform, the reflected light signal transfers through objectives to spectrometer for analysis, the obtained reflectance, absorbance, and colorimetric values of different microscopic areas of samples. It can also add on functions of fluorescence spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy.
Scientific-grade deep cooled CCD with high reliability, high resolution color imaging system, the advanced operating system and free software for easy to operate It connect to computer by USB for excellent lab experience.

Optical parameter
Spectral Method Reflectance spectrum of different areas on the surface of a substance
Spectral Range 300-1100nm, 200-1000nm, 300-1700nm, 300-2500nm, 900-1700nm, 900-2500nm (optional)
Dynamic range Visible band: 2000:1 SWIR band: 5000:1
SNR Visible band: >450:1 SWIR band: >1000:1
Optical Design f/4 cross asymmetric C-T optical path
Detector type 2048 pixel detector (CMOS or deep-cooling InGaAs)
Raman Instrument
Microscope Camera Steel wire drive stage (X-axis not protruded)
system parameter
Dimensions 290 X 210 X 220 mm
Microscopic optical system
Optical system Infinity chromatic aberration correction optical system
Magnification range 40X~1600X
Converter Inward tilt type internal positioning five-hole converter
Focusing device Manual focus method
Camera Equipped with a digital camera system such as 5 million pixels for bright-field photography
X,Y-axis electronic controlled platform
Moving Range 50 X 50 mm
Microscope Module
Objectives Standard configuration: 20 X; optional configuration: 40X, 100X, 4X, 10X;
Physical parameters
Weight 9.3 kg
Electrical parameter
Integration time 1ms-10min
Resolution 1-8 nm
Light source High stability halogen light source, pulse xenon light source
  • Microscopic samples or microscopic areas of large samples at μm level
  • Reflectance, fluorescence, Raman scattering and polarization
  • High resolution & High stable spectrophotometer
  • Built in high sensitivity, deep cooled CCD
  • High stable light source
  • Spinning disk microscope platform
  • Infinity plan objective lens
  • New generation integrated structure with high stability and user-friendly operation
  • Modular design, multi-functions combination, versatility
  • Extendable to add on modules of fluorescence, Raman spectrometer
  • Free advanced software
  • Scientific Research Lab, University
  • Forensic Identification, Documentation Check Judicial identification, criminal investigation
  • Biological samples analysis: Hospital and Biochemical lab, Miroscopic evidences analysis, Trace evidence, Evident documentation, Forensic chemistry
  • Semiconductor, OLED, thin film thickness, MEMS equipment, surface plasma resonance  
  • New materials research

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