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Full Spectrum NIR Spectrometer For Small Particles
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IR2000pro is a multifunctional full-spectrum near-infrared analyzer newly developed by Optosky based on InGaAs linear array detector. It is specially designed for fast and non-destructive analysis. It combines exceptional analytical accuracy with speed, ease of use and ruggedness. It is widely used and can detect moisture, protein, fat, ash, starch and other parameters in almost all solid samples.

IR Series
Sample size 300g
Analysis time 6s~30s
Detection Area Standard sample tray 154cm2
Wavelength Range 950nm-1650nm
Wavelength Accuracy Less than 0.05nm
Bandwidth About 7nm
Noise Less than 20uA
Light Source Lifespan Not less than 10,000 hours
IP Rating IP65

    • Unique light path design;
    • 256 InGaAs linear array detector technology;
    • No sample preparation required;
    • Large light spot, rotating scanning;
    • integrated design;
    • High-definition touch screen operation;
    • High life light source (more than 10,000 hours);
    • Multiple data transmission interfaces;
    • Grain industry
    • Flour processing industry
    • Meat products industry
    • Feed industry

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