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NIR Spectroscopy Analysis Modeling Software System
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IRMAS is a near-infrared modeling and analysis system designed to facilitate quantitative testing and analysis according to customers' specific needs. The software supports both multivariable and univariable modeling, and offers simple and convenient operation. It is compatible with online near-infrared instruments and all quantitative near-infrared instruments produced by the company, and it also supports customized design.

IRMAS features a user-friendly interface and provides measurement results along with various functions such as data storage and export. These capabilities further enhance the range of applications and scenarios for the instruments.

Tags: IR

  • The software supports modeling and various algorithm processing.
  • The software can directly measure the concentration of samples and supports multiple concentration units.
  • High compatibility, compatible with all of the company's near-infrared quantitative instruments.
  • Compatible with near-infrared spectra from other brands.
  • Works with the company's online near-infrared instruments to detect substances.
  • The software supports customized design.
  • Simple operation and convenient measurement.

Tags: IR

  • Food industry:Food Safety;food analysis;food quality;beverage
  • Chemical industry
  • Biomedical field :biopharma
  • Life Science:Agriculture sector
  • Environmental science : Environmental Monitoring
  • Material science : Textile industry
  • Energy:Organic chemical industry
  • Biochemical industry 
  • Petrochemical industry :Oil, Mining
  • Industrial Analysis : Polymer chemical industry

Tags: IR

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