What is Spectroscopy Software?
  Optosky owns quite a lot of software rights patents, our self-developed software packages are designed for users both expert and non-expert. Our software system can support a platform of Windows and Android system. Whether Windows or Android system provides spectral acquisition to scan and export spectra, it not only realizes basic functions such as smoothing,dark subtraction and baseline correction but also provides analysis and spectra-matching functions. For universities users that are interested in building up their own spectral library or built a unit into a bigger system, we can provide software development kit(SDK) and .dLL files is used C# for C++ development.
  If OEM project requires customized software to realize a particular function, our software development team are capable of realizing your application.

  What is spectral software used for?
  Our software is used to control a system of spectrometer, laser, and probe.

  What does spectral software tell you?
  Software includes spectral acquisition software, spectral identification software,SDK software development kit and analytical software etc.

  How much does a set of software cost?
  Optosky software is provided to users who buy spectrometers, Raman system for free.

  How does software work?
  Optosky software is built in the system can run smoothly and provides a complete function.

  How to choose a software?
  Consult software technician for your application.

  Where to buy software?
  Optosky Raman software can be bought together with spectrometers.

  Why choose Optosky software?
  Optosky software is provided free software for spectrometers buyer.