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Methane & VOCs Leak Monitor
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Methane(CH4) is common in the extraction of oil, coal and natural gas resources and chemical industry production, is the main components of natural gas and it could not effectively to gas leak monitoring and reported to the police, in the process of gas production, LNG transportation and storage variation in leak explosion hazard, so several incidents happened in recent years, Causing casualties and property losses; in the petroleum, coal mining, chemical production, biogas application and other fields, safety accidents caused by gas leakage also occur from time to time, which seriously threatens the safety of human life and property.

In order to avoid and reduce the loss caused by gas leak to the greatest extent, it is increasingly important to develop real-time detection and leakage monitoring technology of methane gas.

GF320 is a OGI thermal imaging camera of displaying and CH4 and VOCs leaks without stopping operations. The portable thermal imager is able to detect leaks from a safe distance, providing operator safety, and it can track gases that are hazardous to the environment for environmental protection benefits. GF320 is suitable for industrial applications such as refineries, gas treatment plants, offshore oil and gas platforms, chemical/chemical industries, biogas plants and power plants.

GF320 also built-in GPS, laser ranging and other functions, very practical.

  • Remote sensing monitoring: it can be detected 1Km away from the target without needing to be close to the target;
  • No sampling required: complete remote sensing monitoring technology;
  • Rapid detection: 0.03s measurement time;
  • Continuous measurement: 30Hz monitoring speed;
  • Emission estimation;
  • Accurate ranging: Built-in laser ranging, the maximum distance is 2Km;
  • Built-in GPS positioning;
  • Accurate quantification: not disturbed by clouds;
  • Simple operation: only simple training can be precise operation;
  • On-site testing: all the instruments, reagents and other accessories required for testing are packed in a test box with a 20-inch suitcase.

Monitor CH4 leak
Monitor VOCs leak

  • Industrial chimney discharge;
  • CEMS

Monitor methane emissions from gas tanks

Monitor the methane gas coming out of the nozzle

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