Raman Spectroscopy in the Biomedical Industry

Optosky provides Raman instruments, such as handheld Ram, portable Ram, and Raman microscope can be widely used in the biomedical industries including cell biology, pharmaceutical analysis, and tissue engineering.

In Raman spectroscopy, both structural and chemical data of a studied substance are provided to help researchers obtain greater detail about the analyzed material. Using this strategy, investigators are able to detect and identify unknown compounds from unique Raman spectra fingerprints.

How can researchers analyze materials in Raman spectroscopy? They studied structural and chemical data of substance, detect and identify unique fingerprints of unknown compounds, called Raman spectra.

Raman instrument with a high-resolution, a full spectral wavelength ranges provides greater chemical characteristics, therefore detectors compare and match their Raman spectra can easily differentiate numerous compounds and materials. Raman method applied to promising industries including cell biology, pharmaceutical analysis, and tissue engineering. Some Raman microscopes, like ATR83000 Raman microscope mapping designed by Optosky Photonics Inc., are able to provide 2D imaging with high-resolution and high-sensitivity and repeatability for medical use. Optosky provides high technology in the biomedical industry.

In addition, Researchers can identify the proportion of material, temperature, layer thickness, and variation in the state of crystallinity or stress, through analyzing changes of spectrum data, such as position, width, and height of Raman bands. 

Handheld Raman system with compact, lightweight, easy-to-hold and high-resolution,high-sensitivity can identify materials in a fast, accurate and nondestructive way. Optosky provides 1064nm all-inclusive ATR6200 series and ATR6500 series, plus advanced algorithm software for both specialist and non-specialist.

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