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Hyperspectral Camera
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    ATH1010W is low cost hyperspectral camera for industrial application, with compact, lightweight, and miniature hyperspectral camera, and it employs CMOS sensor, high performance-to-price ratio.
    Hyperspectral imaging camera employs convex grating technology and good aberration characteristics. 1920X1200 pixels high-performance imaging Hyperspectral Imaging camera is used to detect real time geological spectrum data such as plant, water creature, soil etc. They receive spectral imaging to make analysis, and build up relationship with physical and chemical properties of plants, then data collected are applied to research plant classification, growth etc. The whole system has compact design, and it employs high resolution, external push broom imaging, setup independent detection system separately in combination with outdoor rotation platform and indoor linear scanning platform, and mounted in the UAVs to operate flight remote sensing.

Power supply USB,4.5W
Target Surface Size 11.26 × 11.26 mm
Raw Resolution 2048 × 2048
Raw Pixels Size 5.5 µm x 5.5 µm
Interface USB3.0 or CamLink
Optosky Optical Parameters
Spectral Range 400-1000nm
Spectral Resolution ≤2.3 nm
FOV 24.6°@f=35 mm
SNR 43 dB
Spatial Channels 2048
Spectral Channels 2048
Slit size 15 µm,25µm (optional)
NA F/2.6
IFOV 0.7mrad@f=35mm
Frame Rate 180 fps
Bit Depth 14 bits
Binning Mode 4×4 / 2×4
Optosky Electrical Parameters
Storage Temp. -30-70°C
Operating Temp. 0 - 50°C
Optosky Physical Parameters
Dimension 239.7mm × 68 mm × 84.9 mm
Weight < 680 g

    • Low cost light splitting system, compact size
    • High performance CMOS image sensor, high performance-to-price ratio
    • High frame rateUSB power supply requires no extra power
    • Full target surface, high imaging quality optical design, dotted line spot diameter <0.5pixels
    • Objective interface is C-Mount, available in changeable objectives required by customer
    • Support spectral range 400-1000nm, customized range
    • Geology and mineral resource investigation
    • Accurate evaluation of agriculture, plant growth and yield
    • Monitor forest pests and diseases and fire prevention
    • Monitor coastline and marine environment
    • Lawn productivity and lawn monitoring
    • Lake and river environment monitoring
    • Remote sensing teaching and research

    What is Hyperspectral Imaging Camera?

    Hyperspectral imaging Camera, or imaging spectroscopy, combines the functions of imaging camera and spectroscopy. A hyperspectral camera acquires the spectrum for each pixel in an image of the scenes.


    What does Hyperspectral Imaging Camera used for?

    Hyperspectral Imaging Camera are used for applications in astronomy, agriculture, molecular biology, biomedical imaging, geosciences, physics, environment,and monitoring. Hyperspectral imaging camera takes pictures of objects spectrum with unique 'fingerprints', it enable identification of the materials. Like spectral fingerprint of oil helps geologists locate new oil fields.


    What does Hyperspectral Imaging Camera tell you?

    The hyperspectral imaging provides much more color information in details than a normal camera,which leads to differentiate from objects in the scene. Hyperspectral imaging is used to find objects, identify materials, or detect processes.  


    How much does Hyperspectral Imaging Camera cost?

    OPTOSKY manufactures hyperspectral imaging camera 400-1000nm prices range USD45,000~49,800.


    How to choose a Hyperspectral Imaging Camera?

    Compare FOV,spatial dimensions, weight,optical performance,size, and cost etc.


    Where to buy Hyperspectral Imaging Camera?

    Buy from local distributor of OPTOSKY,online shopping or inquire us.


    Why Chosse Optosky Hyperspectral Imaging Camera?

    1.Optosky F2.4, FOV is larger than that of competitors

    2.Spatial dimension 14mm

    3.Lightweight 1500 g, 950g, 650g

    4.High optical performance

    5.Compact size:300x70 x70mm;300x60x60mm;270x50x50mm

    6.Low cost

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