【Video】ATR8300MP PC Software Video

ATR8300 series are designed for the scientific research. It integrates one Raman spectrometer and an optical microscope into one instrument. The laser is focused by the microscope on a tiny spot with a diameter less than 1 micron.

 The spatial resolution of the Raman microscope base on the micron scale and it is mainly used to analyze and identify individual particles of the micron level; and position and identify microscopic contaminants; to analyze and identify the sample composition distribution.

The ATR8300 has a confocal optical path that can change measurement depth by switching the objective lens, in order to achieve a multi-directional spatial resolution, enhances of lateral depth (XYZ). Meanwhile, ATR8300-AF/MP is equipped with an identification system that can realize the function of autofocus, and the ATR8300-MP includes the function of Mapping. It can directly forms pseudocolor image of horizontal components distribution by means of software algorithm.

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